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  1. you'r a legend for me.
  2. Ace

    Guildwar Map

    mhm, well. the color make me angry. next time i will install 3ds and try to create another mid.
  3. Ace

    Guildwar Map

    you mean that one on the middle? so the color, if yes, well the color is out of place. kind regards
  4. It's funny because it's not a troll. If you do it like this, you have done something you can call your own. ?
  5. Download PSD: https://easyupload.io/s7jzm6 The psd file is automatically destroyed within 24 hours. or wait until christmas, maybe you will get another suggestion. By then you have finished the approx. 3k items, the PSD will help.
  6. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Hello, Any Questions? here please I thought I was going to release a dungeon for you, and there it is. It is very small and simple. Of course I could have placed some unicorns, but I'll leave the fantasy to you. kind regards
  7. No, but maybe this one,
  8. Looks Better. Thank you very much, will help a lot People.
  9. did you play with "Perspective"? and download v34
  10. Does that also happen when you see your character from above? if so, then no fear, that's because of the fly engine. Hier will be the answer from Marty
  11. I am glad to hear that, even if it is sad to see my channel blocked, you give me comfort.
  12. yes, es ist ein Englisi Forumlar. Selam und welcome to dev.
  13. Ace

    Forever Metin2

    INofficial: 352 Downloads Official: 56 Interested persons: 4 Any Ideas?
  14. Ymir. I will do tests in the near future to see what they thought. #Edit Ah, Effects.
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