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  1. I am glad to hear that, even if it is sad to see my channel blocked, you give me comfort.
  2. yes, es ist ein Englisi Forumlar. Selam und welcome to dev.
  3. Ace

    Forever Metin2

    INofficial: 352 Downloads Official: 56 Interested persons: 4 Any Ideas?
  4. Ymir. I will do tests in the near future to see what they thought. #Edit Ah, Effects.
  5. Detail bro, even though i did not understand much of the logic of the ymir workers, they did have their reasons. This function is very helpful, especially with ATTR. Oh Marty, please do not change it... it's looks very nice Such small things are not worth changing, because it is only luxury. The most important things have already been fixed, everyone else is sure to come, but patience is required.
  6. Funny, I don't have the first error, it starts without problems for me. @all MartySama:
  7. Ace

    Forever Metin2

    Hello my friends, I hope you are fine in these times and sorry for pushing this thread but unfortunately there is no feature: What I wanted to tell you Kind regards
  8. i love paint.net oil filter.
  9. Hello Friends, Here the Download Some Pictures Unfortunately no support thread was created, so I'll do one here. It is important to me to get feedback so that I can improve and so you also get something from it. I wanted something new, because I haven't really released for a long time, except for Forevermetin2. Hoping it will go down well and it will be used. Kind regards
  10. @ElRenardo I search it, and found it finally: Here, give him a thanks. Thank you Tashigimaru
  11. Ace

    9 New Tree's (Giant)

    Well Ace my friend, today is April 16, 2020, and how is it going with Patcher? x).... You go crazy in the metin2 section. #Close
  12. Ace

    Forever Metin2

    @Shogun Wow you really took your time. Thank you first Shogun. Yes, you have rights. The missing objects appear "useless" because you have to search them in different folders via notpad ++. That with textures is quite a good idea, which I could also incorporate here if I got the code for C #. For now, what I have is enough for me. Instead of writing down each object individually and forgetting a few times, it helps a lot. I would like to provide your code for later updates in the tool, if you allow me.
  13. Ace

    Forever Metin2

    http://gin.ovh/profinder.mp4 This feature is there if you have a map and do not know which objects this map uses or which are missing. If you have e.g. 100 objects but only 5 of them are used, it is stupid to pack all 100 with them. don't you think? Thank you Artur for this code.
  14. I have about 10 ymir work folders, each with several folders and several unfinished and finished maps. after 2 years i found it and i better think late than never? "haha".... Nah, @Raylee Solitary (one of my first dungeons) Re-Upload FAQ
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