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  1. Ace

    Forever Metin2

    Hello guys, any idea's for pserver section? top is the old ui and bottom is the new ui. i hope you can give me some ideas Pserver is the last think i have to work on if this is finished and the other details, i will update the thread.
  2. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) hello people i wanted to publish something small. You can see icons that I modded at the end of 2013. The idea is or was that skills jump directly from m1 to G1 through a soul book. it was intended for an oldschool server. I think the icons are very beautiful and that's why I'm happy to share them with you. If you want to create a quest for it, you are welcome to do it. I'll adjust these later and add them here. Have fun with it Kind regards Ace Bookindow
  3. Ace

    Forever Metin2

    This one is different yes Summes. Some guys like you will enjoy the full functions. thank you
  4. Dont do "F4" or "F3" if your on the A Page. That is it.
  5. It's upset here and there, I can agree. This method here is the easiest (for me personally) to deal with. It's called:
  6. Ace

    Forever Metin2

    No, it's definitely not over. It is a long term project. Work on okay, I had time for that, yes, right. But that's different.
  7. Ace


    Don't buy his things better buy: That's called business. Either all or nothing.
  8. You are really to much. Metin2 still alive?
  9. you'r a legend for me.
  10. Ace

    Guildwar Map

    mhm, well. the color make me angry. next time i will install 3ds and try to create another mid.
  11. Ace

    Guildwar Map

    you mean that one on the middle? so the color, if yes, well the color is out of place. kind regards
  12. It's funny because it's not a troll. If you do it like this, you have done something you can call your own. ?
  13. Download PSD: https://easyupload.io/s7jzm6 The psd file is automatically destroyed within 24 hours. or wait until christmas, maybe you will get another suggestion. By then you have finished the approx. 3k items, the PSD will help.
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