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  1. Ace

    Forever Metin2

    @Shogun Wow you really took your time. Thank you first Shogun. Yes, you have rights. The missing objects appear "useless" because you have to search them in different folders via notpad ++. That with textures is quite a good idea, which I could also incorporate here if I got the code for C #. For now, what I have is enough for me. Instead of writing down each object individually and forgetting a few times, it helps a lot. I would like to provide your code for later updates in the tool, if you allow me.
  2. Ace

    Forever Metin2

    http://gin.ovh/profinder.mp4 This feature is there if you have a map and do not know which objects this map uses or which are missing. If you have e.g. 100 objects but only 5 of them are used, it is stupid to pack all 100 with them. don't you think? Thank you Artur for this code.
  3. I have about 10 ymir work folders, each with several folders and several unfinished and finished maps. after 2 years i found it and i better think late than never? "haha".... Nah, @Raylee Solitary (one of my first dungeons) Re-Upload FAQ
  4. Ace

    Picabo - Stone Case

    @ ASIKOO your welcome, i hope it's complett.. "Oh i got my Mapper rank back" Thank you @Shogun Although the map is older and free, I think you're right, even if there are only stones. i forget the npc i exported from tien online or ten-online: Here is the download guys, i will not update this to thread.. hehe. This is the content of the .exe:
  5. Ace

    Picabo - Stone Case

    Reupload: This is the content of the .exe:
  6. Ace

    Forever Metin2

    Hi guys, i just updated the thread. i hope it's better now. Here you can watch a video about texturing: I have one more please
  7. you dont do what i say, you dont understand it. Raylee write the same think Is working now, ty very much. Any tips of how I could deal with water aswell? - Save everytime CTRL+S if you put water - Do not put effects on the Map. first finish your water places thats all for now.
  8. Mhm, i will put this for you all in FQ14, i will update this in Forevermetin2 Thread. if you mean the .gr2 is white then open this .gr2 and go to the textureset tab. you will see there the right path to the texture file.
  9. I had this mistake once in 2011 on 2012, but I never found the solution, so I stopped thinking about it and Dada never happened again.
  10. i dont know, but maybe is your objects to big x) just slice it in 4, like metin2 tower arena.
  11. http://gin.ovh/fem/forevermetin2.mp4 Here a tutorial from a german guy about import objects I hope this can help you a bit. You can find in Forevermetin2 tutorials about importing new objects etc.
  12. Here you have the original quest. quest teleport begin state start begin when login begin cmdchat("Teleport index"..q.getcurrentquestindex()) end when info or button begin local i = tonumber(input(cmdchat("Teleport GetInfo"))) if type(i) != "number" then return end local warp = teleport.warp_kords() if warp[i] == nil then return end pc.warp(warp[i][1],warp[i][2]) end function warp_kords() return { {10,10}, --Dt {10,10}, --Tempel {10,10}, --Donner {10,10}, --Roter Wald {10,10}, --Kap {10,10}, --AD {10,10}, --Lungsam {10,10}, --NW {10,10}, --Berg Sohan {10,10}, --Bakra {10,10}, --OT {10,10}, --DC {10,10}, --Bokjung {10,10}, --AD {10,10}, --Chunjo {10,10}, --Nephritibucht {10,10}, --Grotte1 {10,10}, --Grotte2 {10,10}, --Grotte Boss {10,10}, --Sd2 {10,10}, --Sd3 {10,10}, --Sd Boss {10,10}, --Yayang {10,10}, --Shinsoo {10,10}, --AD {10,10}, --Wüste {10,10}, --Schlangenfeld {10,10}, --Jinno {10,10}, --Feuerland {10,10} --Gautamarkliff } end end end And here the download: https://workupload.com/file/5bxmnCcM Passwort: forevermetin2
  13. Ace

    Forever Metin2

    Here guys, In this video I will show you how to install worldeditor and how to make a map. The video is unprocessed, so it's about 14min. - https://bit.ly/2Ujm7F9 00:00 - 02:18 - Install Forevermetin2 02:18 - 03:20 - Install WorldEditor 03:20 - 04:37 - Create a new Map 04:37 - 11:50 - Edit the map 11:50 - 14:40 - Texturing
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