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  1. you may have to buy the system.... who knows..
  2. Solved using http://metin2mod.tk/ This topic can be closed.
  3. Version of Files : XXX Hi everyone, A few days ago my brother told me that he need a hack to do some shit in the gameforge server to make money esily, so i started to code some shit, but the problem begins when u start the client, so.... There are 2 ways to start the client, with gameforge launcher or just clicking the .exe button. If you click the .exe button and you load the .py file in the login window everything works, but u can not log in because it says that u have to open it with gameforge shit launcher. So.... if you launch the game with gayforge launcher when u inject the .py file the module names are different, so I think they are using some kind of dinamic module name or something like that. Any of you know any way to bypass the gameforge launcher or just the new module names? This is the error when u try to load something opening with gayforge launcher. 0512 21:10:39701 :: Traceback (most recent call last): 0512 21:10:39702 :: File "<string>", line 3, in <module> 0512 21:10:39702 :: File "system.py", line 160, in system.__hybrid_import (system.c:3609) 0512 21:10:39702 :: ImportError 0512 21:10:39702 :: : 0512 21:10:39702 :: No module named playerm2g2 0512 21:10:39702 :: Ive been away for a while, so there are a few new things for me here. Thanks and hope any of you can help me
  4. def __HideStatToolTip(self): if selt.toolTip != None: self.toolTip.Hide() Try with that inside uicharacter.py
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