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  1. I have a problem to start in RootLibCythonizer.bat
  2. Hello this is my system http://pastebin.com/iitZhXJr this is a system buttons I want to make it encounters is def this is def the file http://pastebin.com/qkE22aej
  3. I will give an example It has the following function in my game.py self.interface.ToggleBonusWindow() this function will get ToggleBonusWindow () in interfacemodule.py I want to put in my system a function like this to get another function in game.py
  4. can anyone help me import a game.py function to another file. my system is implemented in all game.py I wanted to put to open in another system via a button Sorry for my bad English
  5. I have the source code I want to know where I put them
  6. change in makelfile ../game/src CC = g++410 CXX = g++410 for CC = g++49 CXX = g++49 compile all the libs using g ++ 49 libgame/src libpoly libserverkey libsql libthecore/src
  7. Hello everyone, I am creating a quest for an event in my server the quest is already 90% complete need a function to finish already tried all the ways I knew but unfortunately it still fails what I do is the following when a person of the kingdom Shinsu kills a monster or destroy a stone all players Chunjo kingdom are sent to their cities Anyone know how I can do this thanks
  8. Here has the following functions in C ++ mysql.query mysql.direct_query mysql.update mysql.real_escape_string mysql.get_table_postfix go to game / src open queslua.cpp under RegisterDragonSoulFunctionTable(); add RegisterMysqlFunctionTable(); open queslua.h under extern void RegisterDragonSoulFunctionTable(); add extern void RegisterMysqlFunctionTable(); add in the makefile questlua_mysql.cpp Download the file http://www.mediafire.com/download/4k9ib6e21422549/questlua_mysql.cpp VirusTotal https://www.virustotal.com/tr/file/810c3f8a9df74dc56227e3bd11927a087b4fb1c7e78420127369625ffd1d5f3c/analysis/1418487997/
  9. all problems solved the solution was removed check_server and ymir license Please close the topic!!!
  10. Hi, I have a big problem when compiling my game source with gcc48 and c++11 my db source could compile 100% with 0 error and 0 warnings of the machine my Makefile My Problem Log compile
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