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  1. Ken, when you publish the new version of proto reader?
  2. Hi metin2dev, I've a problem with mount. When i relog with mount item equiped, it stays in the slot but the mount disappear. Example: https://media.giphy.com/media/3o85xxocxd4jZUu84U/giphy.gif Do you kwon how can i fix this problem? Thanks.
  3. Hi ragem0re. I have already tried 2 times but nothing, same problem.
  4. Hi metin2dev, I've a problem when i compiling my game source with gcc48 and c++11. After i installed gcc48 (usr/ports/lang/gcc48 && make install clean), and I compiled the libs needed for the source with gcc48: libgame/src libpoly libserverkey libsql libthecore/src I've got errors regarded to cryptopp at linking. linking ../game_r40125_32.... OBJDIR/cipher.o: In function `CryptoPP::AllocatorWithCleanup<unsigned int, true>::deallocate(void*, unsigned int)': /usr/src/mainline/Server/game/src/../../../Extern/include/cryptopp/secblo
  5. When you finish your protection system?
  6. Mee too.. Not read any mob_proto. We need mob_proto.
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