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  1. What should i cast? everything as i did?
  2. Hi, As default in sources, you cannot exceed mob hp's by ~21,4 million because there some part of the game where a percentage calculation happens. When calculating the percentage it multiplies the current HP with 100 then divide by the full HP. At the multiplying part it runs out of Int limits and because of that things get buggy. I dont really want to change the datatype of HP stuff in the whole source. I've made a "ghetto" fix but im looking for better solutions. Suggestions? Or just multiply after dividing? Like (currentHP / maxHP) * 100? WARNING: !!GHETTO CODE!! Thanks!
  3. Hi, Im looking for someone who can create or who have a Trading house which is able to manage trading with goldbars (because the server's max yang is and its cannot be increased because of the gameplay). PM me if you are have one or code one!
  4. What do you recommend then? Own VPS with NGINX and stuff?
  5. Hi, I'm looking at https://www.ovh.ie/web-hosting/ this web hosting. What are your experiences with the packages? Which one is enough for a metin2 webserver with around 1k~ online player (in terms of usage)? Thank you!
  6. Hi, I have a little problem with my PetSystem, i also have a Costume Mount System. So when i ride a mount and have a pet summoned and warp the pet's bonus is given twice until i remount or change equipment etc. Here is my PetSystem.cpp and quest if thats help: PetSystem.cpp: https://pastebin.com/UqVAxNZf Quest: https://pastebin.com/M7q03gMj Thank you!
  7. Hi, i have the following problem: If i move a little closer: Another place: Any idea? (Fog turned off, with fog its all good because the fog "covers" it.)
  8. Yes, i did the same thats why i wrote "after i compiled"....
  9. VS2019, after i compiled the discordrpc.lib, this error occurs:
  10. I've removed this feature from my client source. Still works, no problem.
  11. Hi, I need a function on server side which returns true/false if the mob is a Boss. I want to use it in battle.cpp as pkVictim->IsBoss(). Did someone already developed it? Thank you!
  12. Hi guys, It's maybe released somewhere else, but i ran into this with 300-400 player on my server and one of them injected a little python script which invites mobs or npcs into guild and party or forces guild skills on mobs or npcs. If that happens the core will crash since there is no checks for that. input_main.cpp Find in case GUILD_SUBHEADER_CG_ADD_MEMBER:: if (!ch->IsPC()) Replace: if (!ch->IsPC() || !newmember->IsPC()) Find in CInputMain::PartyUseSkill: if (pch) ch->GetParty()->SummonToLeader(pch->GetPlayerID()); Replace: if (pch) { if (pch->IsPC()) ch->GetParty()->SummonToLeader(pch->GetPlayerID()); } Add at the beginning of the CInputMain::PartyInvite function: if (!ch) return; In the same function find: if (!pInvitee || !ch->GetDesc() || !pInvitee->GetDesc()) Replace: if (!pInvitee || !ch->GetDesc() || !pInvitee->GetDesc() || !pInvitee->IsPC() || !ch->IsPC()) Add at the beginning of the CInputMain::PartyInviteAnswer function: if (!ch) return; In the same function find: if (!pInviter) Replace: if (!pInviter || !pInviter->IsPC()) Have a nice day!
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