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  1. Yes, i did the same thats why i wrote "after i compiled"....
  2. VS2019, after i compiled the discordrpc.lib, this error occurs:
  3. I've removed this feature from my client source. Still works, no problem.
  4. Hi, I need a function on server side which returns true/false if the mob is a Boss. I want to use it in battle.cpp as pkVictim->IsBoss(). Did someone already developed it? Thank you!
  5. Hi guys, It's maybe released somewhere else, but i ran into this with 300-400 player on my server and one of them injected a little python script which invites mobs or npcs into guild and party or forces guild skills on mobs or npcs. If that happens the core will crash since there is no checks for that. input_main.cpp Find in case GUILD_SUBHEADER_CG_ADD_MEMBER:: if (!ch->IsPC()) Replace: if (!ch->IsPC() || !newmember->IsPC()) Find in CInputMain::PartyUseSkill: if (pch) ch->GetParty()->SummonToLeader(pch->GetPlayerID()); Replace: if (pch) { if (pch->IsPC()) ch->GetParty()->SummonToLeader(pch->GetPlayerID()); } Add at the beginning of the CInputMain::PartyInvite function: if (!ch) return; In the same function find: if (!pInvitee || !ch->GetDesc() || !pInvitee->GetDesc()) Replace: if (!pInvitee || !ch->GetDesc() || !pInvitee->GetDesc() || !pInvitee->IsPC() || !ch->IsPC()) Add at the beginning of the CInputMain::PartyInviteAnswer function: if (!ch) return; In the same function find: if (!pInviter) Replace: if (!pInviter || !pInviter->IsPC()) Have a nice day!
  6. I've tested it, and works great! Why are you caring about someone else's opinion? Who cares what he/she thinks... I've implemented it, and works well, lags are gone. Big thanks!
  7. Don't forget that, it works in Win8 compatibility mode or Win7, but without the compatibility mode it is crashing.
  8. Big thanks for @HITRON for the solution! EterPythonLib/PythonWindowManager.cpp Find: void CWindowManager::__ClearReserveDeleteWindowList() { for (auto pWin : m_ReserveDeleteWindowList) delete pWin; m_ReserveDeleteWindowList.clear(); } Replace: void CWindowManager::__ClearReserveDeleteWindowList() { // The above code not need, cause is cleaning it anyway from the vector i think. m_ReserveDeleteWindowList.clear(); } #closerequest
  9. Hi, I have a client source and with vs2019 compatible Extern. The only thing i've got is crash when i try to teleport. When i start it in compatibility mode like Windows8, its totally working. If not, then crashing. I've investigated the crash with VS debugging, but i couldn't figure out what the heck is the problem, and how can i resolve it. Here's some pictures. What do you guys think is wrong? Kind Regards, Minton
  10. Minton

    Aeldra - Closed?

    You are really is just an asshole Do you want to start a shit remake of metin2 in turkey and now you are reporting metin2 servers? lmao. Or you just forgot how m2m got the fame? Don't you remember? And Magic To Master is got "famous" because of M2M. But don't forget about karma, you will get what you deserve Or you just got mad, because nobody liked and bought your shitty remake of the game? Or what?
  11. Hi, I have a server with around 200 players, and the game is lagging. If i start up the server, its okay no problem, but as time passing by its getting worse and worse... after 24 hours there is 2-3 second lag spikes, especially when a notice comes. I also suspecting the whole "affect system", i have around 140k record in the player/affect table. Server is dedicated, 8 core Xeon, 12G RAM, 1/1 gbps (dedicated also) internet, 2x500hdd in raid1. Im looking for a developer who can explore this problem and solve it. Im also intrested in any performance related code/system/bugfix etc. If you are intrested please DM me here. Have a nice day, Minton
  12. No. This is the new crash:
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