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  1. Hi! Thank you for release, how can I just change skill's text color instead of add "Max" after it?
  2. Thank you Vegas y.y Sorry i'm very noob, anyway i got this error now: ----------------------------- EDIT Ok, I solve that, now it works! anyway I noticed that if a GM send an offline pm, it will be a normal pm, not "GM", I don't know if you want it like this
  3. Anyway i'm trying to add this but i got an error when compiling with "duplicate case": HEADER_GD_SHOP_NAME HEADER_GD_SHOP_CLOSE HEADER_GD_REQUEST_OFFLINE_MESSAGES HEADER_GD_SEND_OFFLINE_MESSAGE how to solve?
  4. Thank you Vegas, you guys are fucking awesome °L° i'll try it as soon as i get home
  5. No I'm not worried, I just don't know xD if u say it's not that heavy I'm 100% trust you, anyway what about the offline text color? You think it's useless?
  6. This is gold, hope u will sell it! GJ and keep working
  7. Hi! Thank Mali! I think this is the best way to send an offline pm, but can I know how much this would be heavy on the server? P.s: and it's possibile to make the offline message received in other color like light-blue? So you can see if it's an offline message or if just someone sent u a message right now
  8. Hi all! Thanks a lot for your tutorials, i love this forum. Anyway here my problem: I'm using files with global chat and it uses this code: #ifdef ENABLE_CHAT_COLOR_SYSTEM // static const char* colorbuf[] = {" |h|r[寔햇?|cFFffa200|h", " |h|r[遁鞍?|cFFff0000|h", " |h|r[讀安?|cFFffc700|h", " |h|r[警仰]|cFF000bff|h"}; // Arab static const char* colorbuf[] = {"|cFFffa200|H|h[Staff]|h|r", "|cFFff0000|H|h[Shinsoo]|h|r", "|cFFffc700|H|h[Chunjo]|h|r", "|cFF000bff|H|h[Jinno]|h|r"}; int len = snprintf(chatbuf, sizeof(chatbuf), "%s %s : %s", (ch->IsGM()?colorbuf[0]:colorbuf[MINM
  9. Thank you! There wasn't the variable so i added: kern.nodump_coredump =  1
  10. I have same issue, my game.core doesn't appear, just the db.core, can I ask you where is the "sysctl variable kern.nodump_coredump" variable?
  11. Oh! Glad to know! Thank you! But how can i know which one i should check? they're a lot, and no don't know where to start
  12. Hi! I get this error and crash client after that: syserr empty in client and just these errors in server. CH1 DB the others are clean. I know about the "FDWATCH" warning, but i don't think it can cause this error. Can you guys help me to resolve?
  13. Sorry for necro guys, but i've a question about this topic. What is I haven't the "Tools" folder of binary and source? Can I set it manually in item_proto.sql/txt or what? How can I do?
  14. I get this errors: unused variable and undefined reference. How can i solve? --- edit --- Ok problem was the "#include "arena.h" i added to solve this error: so now i get again this error and don't know how to solve it, if i put the "#include "arena.h" in questlua_horse.cpp i get again the first error. any help? --- edit 2 --- Ok i solved, I did should put the "#include "arena.h"" after the others #include. Now i have just the "unused variabiles" problem from "MountSysten.cpp", now they're commented, hope i don't need them.



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