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  1. Hi! First of all GJ, I like your works. 1. I don't know why but I can't open your website. 2. I'm interested in che "Change 1 Bonus" system, and I want to know how it works with AVG damage and SKILL damage? If I have 40 avg damage I can just change the skill damage?
  2. Hi! How can I change the Chance of Piercing Hit method like in 17.5 official version? Google Translator: Original text: Sorry but I wasn't able to translate all that, and I didn't find it on english metin's website
  3. UP and EDIT: Ok, I've successfully added the horse appearance via database, and it works (more or less), my issues are: I want my horse skin change when I use seal (without need to re-spawn horse), just like weapon costume, you use it, and u can instantly see changed How can I negate the classic use of seals? (like: you click it and you instantly ride the mount) I just wanna remove the classic mounts and use them like skin How can i make the seal go in costume slot when you use it? Sorry for my bad english °L° I'm writing worst than ever, I'm really tired
  4. Hi guys, today I wanna add this system, as I told in the referred topic, I wanna add a costume mount system that only change horse appearance, just a skin replacer that you can set in database, so no new mount, no new bonus, ecc, just a costume system for horses, and if I'm not wrong, this Horse Appearance via Database should do that. So my questions are: 1. Is that true? It works as I told? 2. Has it any bugs or issue or similar? 3. How should the quest be to work with this? Thank you all
  5. Do you have any website for checking price? or just to know more or less how does the hacktrap cost?
  6. Hi guys, can I know how to make it work? - How can i add the sql and where? - How can i set the quest for add variable in database? - Has this system any bugs/issue? Sorry for necro but i need this, i don't want others mount, but only have the horse and change his apparence so it still remain an horse but just with a different skin.
  7. Hi guys (again), I don't why my last post has been translated, anyway these are what i'm looking for: 1. Tenacity: I want change the bonus "Antistun" with "Tenacity". Antistun: defense vs stun probability. Tenacity: reduction of seconds affected by stun. With the standard antistun you'll just can't get stunned by any ability or bonus, in this way a lot of skill became useless and is a big penality for some classes. But with the "Tenacity" bonus, you will always get stunned, but, if you have like 50% tenacity, you will reduce the stun time in this way: *Ability stun for 3 seconds" - You have 50% Tenacity - You'll get stunned for 1,5 seconds - With 100% you can't be stunned. If you have question about this just ask me. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Guild Vice-Leader I want the chance for a guild leader to set a "Vice leader", in this way if a guild leader is offline, a Vice-leader can declare or accept wars. How much for these?
  8. Hi @Mali61, thanks for release, any chance to make it works with your "Average shop price"? When price is under the average you'll get the icon
  9. Hi! Thank you for release, how can I just change skill's text color instead of add "Max" after it?
  10. Thank you Vegas y.y Sorry i'm very noob, anyway i got this error now: ----------------------------- EDIT Ok, I solve that, now it works! anyway I noticed that if a GM send an offline pm, it will be a normal pm, not "GM", I don't know if you want it like this
  11. Anyway i'm trying to add this but i got an error when compiling with "duplicate case": HEADER_GD_SHOP_NAME HEADER_GD_SHOP_CLOSE HEADER_GD_REQUEST_OFFLINE_MESSAGES HEADER_GD_SEND_OFFLINE_MESSAGE how to solve?
  12. Thank you Vegas, you guys are fucking awesome °L° i'll try it as soon as i get home
  13. No I'm not worried, I just don't know xD if u say it's not that heavy I'm 100% trust you, anyway what about the offline text color? You think it's useless?
  14. This is gold, hope u will sell it! GJ and keep working
  15. Hi! Thank Mali! I think this is the best way to send an offline pm, but can I know how much this would be heavy on the server? P.s: and it's possibile to make the offline message received in other color like light-blue? So you can see if it's an offline message or if just someone sent u a message right now
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