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  1. packet problem. it is up to you to find the cause. Check the tutorial again.
  2. char optstring[9] = "npverltI"; while ((ch = getopt(argc, argv, optstring)) != -1) or set c ++latest to c ++ 17 or c ++ 14...
  3. Hi all! This is recommended for those who are testing or running on windows. The reason for the error is that they have a 100% chance of dropp. Based on the video, you can watch: number_ex old version: https://vimeo.com/user97154960/review/493139410/67f238afc3 https://imgur.com/XExy5kl number_ex fixed: https://vimeo.com/user97154960/review/493139336/6deedf5e92 https://imgur.com/3BMsyi6 FIX: #include <random> int number_ex(int from, int to, const char* file, int line) { if (from > to) { int tmp = from; sys_err("number(): first argument is bigger than second argument %d -> %d, %s %d", from, to, file, line); from = to; to = tmp; } int returnValue = 0; std::random_device rd; std::mt19937 gen(rd()); std::uniform_int_distribution<> distrib(from, to); if ((to - from + 1) != 0) returnValue = distrib(gen); else sys_err("number(): devided by 0"); return returnValue; }
  4. if the platform toolset has changed, the library must also be updated.
  5. It’s 2020, it’s not true that no one can understand the mistake.
  6. faster loading is more useful why is client size so important?
  7. The item_table structure does not match. check dump_proto ...
  8. 1. check cpp files is in visual studio. 2. removed function from cpp files: if the function is in a header (xy.h) and you called it, it will not build ...
  9. Search for the number function in the quest. Once you find it, you know where the error will come from...
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