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  1. i think the 6 slot solution is incomplete
  2. if you don't understand, you don't need to update. it won't get any better.
  3. cannot find the text in the locale_string.txt file. try check encoding
  4. If you don't understand it, it was unnecessary to switch to c ++ 17.
  5. do_safebox_size small fix: void CInputDB::SafeboxLoad(LPDESC d, const char * c_pData { *** BYTE bSize = std::clamp<BYTE>(p->bSize, 0, 3); *** } ACMD(do_safebox_size) { char arg1[256]; one_argument(argument, arg1, sizeof(arg1)); int size = 0; if (*arg1) str_to_number(size, arg1); size = std::clamp(size, 0, 3); ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "Safebox size set to %d", size); ch->SetSafeboxSize(size * SAFEBOX_PAGE_SIZE); }
  6. packet problem. it is up to you to find the cause. Check the tutorial again.
  7. char optstring[9] = "npverltI"; while ((ch = getopt(argc, argv, optstring)) != -1) or set c ++latest to c ++ 17 or c ++ 14...
  8. Hi all! This is recommended for those who are testing or running on windows. The reason for the error is that they have a 100% chance of dropp. Based on the video, you can watch: number_ex old version: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] number_ex fixed: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] FIX: #include <random> int number_ex(int from, int to, const char* file, int line) { if (from > to) { int tmp = from; sys_err("number(): first argument is bigger than second argument %d -> %d, %s %d", from, to, file, line); from = to; to = tmp; } int returnValue = 0; std::random_device rd; std::mt19937 gen(rd()); std::uniform_int_distribution<> distrib(from, to); if ((to - from + 1) != 0) returnValue = distrib(gen); else sys_err("number(): devided by 0"); return returnValue; }
  9. if the platform toolset has changed, the library must also be updated.
  10. It’s 2020, it’s not true that no one can understand the mistake.

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