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  1. The item_table structure does not match. check dump_proto ...
  2. 1. check cpp files is in visual studio. 2. removed function from cpp files: if the function is in a header (xy.h) and you called it, it will not build ...
  3. add the compatible library
  4. flatik

    Dragon effect

    very nice! Thank you!
  5. Search for the number function in the quest. Once you find it, you know where the error will come from...
  6. I don't think it's compatible. What item_prot is you using? Was it working before? If so: I've written about the previous topic...
  7. Must match the enum on the client and on the servers. The client's part is only half finished. Copy it from the server and copy it to the client...
  8. You need to download the packages. And you need to build a library.
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