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  1. Quests such as soul stone do not work. I took the file backups. I haven't seen anyone with such a problem on the internet. There are quests but they are useless. What was done: 1-) Warehouse is set to 3 inventory. 2-) Mount rotation speed has been adjusted. 3-) Added Inventory with 5 Slots. 4-) K Inventory has been added. 5-) The sale of items from the K Inventory has been arranged. 6-) Skill Book/Soul Stone (x200) stacking has been adjusted. Made: [Hidden Content] Backup: [Hidden Content] Edit: While many people add them with other src+files without any problems, such problems occur with the src+files you share.
  2. Can you use the soul stone? Do you have a chance to try? When I right click, nothing happens. Quest and Item_Proto.txt don't seem to be the problem.
  3. I still have the problem, but when I build it as a debug, the problem is solved.
  4. Hello there. I built the DumpProto Project inside the files. There is only one problem as seen in the video. I am using TR files. Why is this caused? Bkz: [Hidden Content] Edit: No changes were made to the files (item_names.txt, item_proto.txt, mob_names.txt, mob_proto.txt).
  5. There is a paid plugin working on Graphics and Performance. I think it will be shared before 2022. You can find out the details when Lalaker1 Development publishes it.
  6. It gives a connection error when the language is changed to Turkish. I am getting the same error as the friend named "asanae123". Edit: This is missing on line 1150 of the translate_TR.lua file but I still keep getting the error. TR -> gameforge.flame_dungeon._640_notice = "%s grubundan [ENTER], Razador'u öldürdü! " ENG -> gameforge.flame_dungeon._640_notice = "The group from %s has killed the Razador [ENTER]! " When I fix this, I see that it gives an error on line 1. 1st Line -> exportTestForCharset = "üöäÜÖÄß " Edit 2: The problem was simply solved. Bkz: [Hidden Content] VirusTotal: [Hidden Content] Good day. Edit 3: There is a new problem. When 4 CH is activated, 3 CH is activated. 4. CH does not appear to be active. Example: 4CH "..."

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