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  1. @CunooYes I know, but lvl 250 is enough. I dont want even more. The status points is something i really want to change, but thats something i first have to find how its done. @TMP4 So, what can i do to compile the Db? Is there something i have to change in the MAKEFILE? Maybe thats the reason why it dont work.
  2. Okay i checked everythin you said. But i got still max lvl 120. Idk if thats important. but when tiping start in my vm it says still max lvl 120. But i changed all and compiled my db again. Still not working..
  3. I already done that. Also I set the Max lvl in Config to 250. (usr/metin2/server/ channel1-4 and game99) Is there another option i have to set higher? After the test i only reached level 120.
  4. Hey! First I want to thank you. Very clean and Nice Files. I searched such a long time for this. At the moment I am working with them, but I got one problem and i dont find the right answer. Maybe you can help me. I want to change the maximum level maybe till 250. The Max i get is 120. Could you help me to fix this? Thank you!

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