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Community Answers

  1. Use uiskillbook.py from GF root, if you can’t do the python part.
  2. My problem is this: GIF Solution my problem: char.h Everywhere in the file Search for: BYTE bCell Change for: UINT bCell After Search for: (everywhere too) BYTE bDestCell Change for: UINT bDestCell You should do In char_item.cpp too.
  3. my problem is this: GIF Don't remove books from special inventory, and don't add to new book. Does anybody have idea? This part (original):
  4. Open your ui.py, and Owsap’s ui.py. Search for: SetToggleUpEvent You need to find second hit in 2 class. Compare files.
  5. i think uiinventory.py, RefreshBagSlotWindow().
  6. Fix skill for damage: skill_proto: UPDATE `player`.`skill_proto` SET `dwVnum`='93', `szName`='Ruggito del drago', `bType`='4', `bLevelStep`='1', `bMaxLevel`='1', `bLevelLimit`='0', `szPointOn`='HP', `szPointPoly`='-(70+3*lv+(22*iq+13*mwep+100)*ar*k)', `szSPCostPoly`='50+160*k', `szDurationPoly`='', `szDurationSPCostPoly`='', `szCooldownPoly`='20', `szMasterBonusPoly`='-(70+3*lv+(22*iq+13*mwep+100)*ar*k)', `szAttackGradePoly`='', `setFlag`='ATTACK,SPLASH,ATTACK_FIRE_CONT', `setAffectFlag`='0', `szPointOn2`='NONE', `szPointPoly2`='lv+5*iq *k', `szDurationPoly2`='iq*0.2*k', `setAffectFlag2`='', `szPointOn3`='', `szPointPoly3`='', `szDurationPoly3`='', `szGrandMasterAddSPCostPoly`='50+160*k', `prerequisiteSkillVnum`='0', `prerequisiteSkillLevel`='0', `eSkillType`='MAGIC', `iMaxHit`='15', `szSplashAroundDamageAdjustPoly`='1', `dwTargetRange`='2500', `dwSplashRange`='500' WHERE (`dwVnum`='93'); Skill_table.txt: 93 ?????? 4 1 1 0 HP -(70+3*lv+(22*iq+13*mwep+100)*ar*k) 50+160*k 20 ATTACK,SPLASH,ATTACK_FIRE_CONT NONE lv+5*iq*k iq*0.2*k 0 0 MAGIC 15 1 2500 500
  7. char.cpp #ifdef ENABLE_WOLFMAN_CHARACTER if (GetJob() == JOB_WOLFMAN) { if ((5 <= val) && (GetSkillGroup()!=1)) { ClearSkill(); // set skill group SetSkillGroup(1); // set skill points SetRealPoint(POINT_SKILL, GetLevel()-1); SetPoint(POINT_SKILL, GetRealPoint(POINT_SKILL)); PointChange(POINT_SKILL, 0); // update points (not required) // ComputePoints(); // PointsPacket(); } } #endif Automatic skill group for wolfman, if it's level 5. It should be comment out.
  8. the link is dead. Here source files: https://github.com/ZeNu-Elijah/Metin2/tree/master/Advance Duel Options
  9. I wrote in C++, that you can select costumes's bonus.
  10. game file source --> input_db.cpp #4 0x0810f1fb in CInputDB::GuildWar (this=<value optimized out>, c_pData=<value optimized out>) at singleton.h:24#5 0x08110c03 in CInputDB::Analyze (this=<value optimized out>, d=<value optimized out>, bHeader=<value optimized out>, c_pData=<value optimized out>) at input_db.cpp: 2057 row But, your guild_war.quest may that bug.
  11. In my mob_proto, just i have one RACE_FLAG Value in my Column. Let's see: Don't use more than 1 race_flag to Mobs.
  12. In Instancebase.cpp are declaration all weapons shining style. In playersettingmodule.py are call weapons shining affect. Instancebase.cpp: UINT CInstanceBase::__GetRefinedEffect(CItemData* pItem) { DWORD refine = max(pItem->GetRefine() + pItem->GetSocketCount(),CItemData::ITEM_SOCKET_MAX_NUM) - CItemData::ITEM_SOCKET_MAX_NUM; switch (pItem->GetType()) { case CItemData::ITEM_TYPE_WEAPON: __ClearWeaponRefineEffect(); if (refine < 7) //ÇöŔç Á¦·Ăµµ 7 ŔĚ»ó¸¸ ŔĚĆĺĆ®°ˇ ŔÖ˝Ŕ´Ď´Ů. return 0; switch(pItem->GetSubType()) { case CItemData::WEAPON_DAGGER: m_swordRefineEffectRight = EFFECT_REFINED+EFFECT_SMALLSWORD_REFINED7+refine-7; m_swordRefineEffectLeft = EFFECT_REFINED+EFFECT_SMALLSWORD_REFINED7_LEFT+refine-7; break; case CItemData::WEAPON_FAN: m_swordRefineEffectRight = EFFECT_REFINED+EFFECT_FANBELL_REFINED7+refine-7; break; case CItemData::WEAPON_ARROW: case CItemData::WEAPON_BELL: m_swordRefineEffectRight = EFFECT_REFINED+EFFECT_SMALLSWORD_REFINED7+refine-7; break; case CItemData::WEAPON_BOW: m_swordRefineEffectRight = EFFECT_REFINED+EFFECT_BOW_REFINED7+refine-7; break; default: m_swordRefineEffectRight = EFFECT_REFINED+EFFECT_SWORD_REFINED7+refine-7; } if (m_swordRefineEffectRight) m_swordRefineEffectRight = __AttachEffect(m_swordRefineEffectRight); if (m_swordRefineEffectLeft) m_swordRefineEffectLeft = __AttachEffect(m_swordRefineEffectLeft); break; playersettingmodule.py #Standard - Sword chrmgr.RegisterEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_REFINED+1, "PART_WEAPON", "D:/ymir work/pc/common/effect/sword/sword_7.mse") chrmgr.RegisterEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_REFINED+2, "PART_WEAPON", "D:/ymir work/pc/common/effect/sword/sword_8.mse") chrmgr.RegisterEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_REFINED+3, "PART_WEAPON", "D:/ymir work/pc/common/effect/sword/sword_9.mse") #BOW chrmgr.RegisterEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_REFINED+4, "PART_WEAPON_LEFT", "D:/ymir work/pc/common/effect/sword/sword_7_b.mse") chrmgr.RegisterEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_REFINED+5, "PART_WEAPON_LEFT", "D:/ymir work/pc/common/effect/sword/sword_8_b.mse") chrmgr.RegisterEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_REFINED+6, "PART_WEAPON_LEFT", "D:/ymir work/pc/common/effect/sword/sword_9_b.mse") #FAN chrmgr.RegisterEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_REFINED+7, "PART_WEAPON", "D:/ymir work/pc/common/effect/sword/sword_7_f.mse") chrmgr.RegisterEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_REFINED+8, "PART_WEAPON", "D:/ymir work/pc/common/effect/sword/sword_8_f.mse") chrmgr.RegisterEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_REFINED+9, "PART_WEAPON", "D:/ymir work/pc/common/effect/sword/sword_9_f.mse") #DAGGER, BELL - RIGHT chrmgr.RegisterEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_REFINED+10, "PART_WEAPON", "D:/ymir work/pc/common/effect/sword/sword_7_s.mse") chrmgr.RegisterEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_REFINED+11, "PART_WEAPON", "D:/ymir work/pc/common/effect/sword/sword_8_s.mse") chrmgr.RegisterEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_REFINED+12, "PART_WEAPON", "D:/ymir work/pc/common/effect/sword/sword_9_s.mse") #DAGGER - LEFT chrmgr.RegisterEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_REFINED+13, "PART_WEAPON_LEFT", "D:/ymir work/pc/common/effect/sword/sword_7_s.mse") chrmgr.RegisterEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_REFINED+14, "PART_WEAPON_LEFT", "D:/ymir work/pc/common/effect/sword/sword_8_s.mse") chrmgr.RegisterEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_REFINED+15, "PART_WEAPON_LEFT", "D:/ymir work/pc/common/effect/sword/sword_9_s.mse")
  13. I think, You should copy and paste part of wolfman into playersettingmodule.py.
  14. You try again to check your tutorial.
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