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  1. Hi metin2dev community , i was wondering if somebody withs skills, know about this quest is working with the wolf character ? or its just for the basic PJ Thank you very much quest soul_stone begin state start begin when 50513.use begin say_title("Skill Training") -- Bug Fix Piedras almas if pc.count_item(71054) >= 1 then say("I'm sorry as long as you have a kingdom change") say("In inventory, you will not be able to read this item ") say("Leave it in the warehouse.") return end if pc.count_item(71048) >= 1 then say("Sorry, as long as you have a sex change item") say("In inventory, you will not be able to read this item ") say("Leave it in the warehouse.") return end if pc.count_item(71002) >= 1 then say("I'm sorry, as long as you have a magic change") say("In inventory, you will not be able to read this item ") say("Leave it in the warehouse.") return end if pc.count_item(71003) >= 1 then say("Sorry, as long as you have a magic reset") say("In inventory, you will not be able to read this item ") say("Leave it in the warehouse.") return end -- Bug Fix Piedras almas if pc.get_skill_group() == 0 then say("You have no skills to improve "..pc.get_skill_group()) return end if get_time() < pc.getqf("next_time") then if pc.is_skill_book_no_delay() then say ( "With this stone you can" ) say ( "improve your skills." ) wait() say_title ( "What skill do you want to train " ) else say ( "You have to wait a day to read one again" ) say ( "or should you read an exorcism scroll" ) say ( "to be able to continue with perfection training" ) return end end local result = training_grandmaster_skill.BuildGrandMasterSkillList(pc.get_job(), pc.get_skill_group()) local vnum_list = result[1] local name_list = result[2] if table.getn(vnum_list) == 0 then say ( "There are no skills that can be improved." ) return end say ( "select the skill you want to perfect" ) say("") local menu_list = {} table.foreach(name_list, function(i, name) table.insert(menu_list, name) end) table.insert(menu_list, "Cancel") local s=select_table(menu_list) if table.getn(menu_list) == s then return end local skill_name=name_list[s] local skill_vnum=vnum_list[s] local skill_level = pc.get_skill_level(skill_vnum) local cur_alignment = pc.get_real_alignment() local need_alignment = 1000+800*(skill_level-30) test_chat("Current rank: "..cur_alignment) test_chat("You need more rank: "..need_alignment) local title = string . format ( "%s Level: %d de Perfection" , skill_name , skill_level - 30 + 1 ) say_title(title) say ( "You are in the process of perfecting a skill." ) say ( "Remember you must have negative karma points. " ) say("") if cur_alignment<-19000+need_alignment then say_reward ( "Your Karma points are too low to continue." ) return end if cur_alignment<0 then say_reward ( string . format ( "Karma Points: %d -> %d" , need_alignment , need_alignment * 2 ) ) say_reward ( "Stay within those limits for the best chance of success." ) need_alignment=need_alignment*2 elseif cur_alignment<need_alignment then say_reward ( string . format ( "Karma Points Needed: %d" , need_alignment ) ) say_reward ( "In any case, your points will be reduced." ) else say_reward ( string . format ( "Karma Points Needed: %d" , need_alignment ) ) end say("") local s = select ( "Accept" , "Cancel" ) if s==2 then return end if cur_alignment>=0 and cur_alignment<need_alignment then say_title ( string . format ( "%s Estado" , title ) ) say ( "You have very little rank'." ) say ( "to read the skill stone," ) say ( "You need a higher number of rank." ) say ( "are you sure you want to read it anyway?." ) say("") say_reward ( "Write YES" ) say("") say ( "It's serious ... you want to do it?:" ) local s=input() if s!="YES" then return end end if get_time() < pc.getqf("next_time") then -- and not is_test_server() then if pc.is_skill_book_no_delay() then pc.remove_skill_book_no_delay() else say ( "[d: remaining" ) return end end pc.setqf("next_time", get_time()+time_hour_to_sec(number(8, 12))) if need_alignment>0 then if pc.learn_grand_master_skill(skill_vnum) then pc.change_alignment(-need_alignment) say_title ( string . format ( "%s Completed" , title ) ) if 40 == pc.get_skill_level(skill_vnum) then say(string.format("%s It was already perfect", skill_name)) else say ( string . format ( "[°ª¯Åµ¥¯Å]You went up %s Al %d Level." , skill_name , skill_level - 30 + 1 + 1 ) ) end say("") say_reward ( "Perfection Training Successfully!" ) say_reward ( string . format ( "Lost rank: %d " , need_alignment ) ) say("") else say_title ( string . format ( "%s in progress" , title ) ) say ( "What a salty day of mine." ) say("") say_reward ( "Failed perfection training." ) say("") pc.change_alignment(-number(need_alignment/3, need_alignment/2)) end end item.remove() end function BuildGrandMasterSkillList(job, group) GRAND_MASTER_SKILL_LEVEL = 30 PERFECT_MASTER_SKILL_LEVEL = 40 local skill_list = special.active_skill_list[job+1][group] local ret_vnum_list = {} local ret_name_list = {} -- test_chat(string.format("job=%d, group=%d", job, group)) table.foreach(skill_list, function(i, skill_vnum) local skill_level = pc.get_skill_level(skill_vnum) -- test_chat(string.format("[%d]=%d", skill_vnum, skill_level)) if skill_level >= GRAND_MASTER_SKILL_LEVEL and skill_level < PERFECT_MASTER_SKILL_LEVEL then table.insert(ret_vnum_list, skill_vnum) local name=locale.GM_SKILL_NAME_DICT[skill_vnum] if name == nil then name=skill_vnum end table.insert(ret_name_list, name) end end) return {ret_vnum_list, ret_name_list} --return {ret_vnum_list, ret_name_list} end end end
  2. Thank you very much its working and its working with bpm also thank you very much
  3. Hello metin2dev, i have create my map i have saved atlas info i have rpess the insertkey, but now my question is how do i create the big atlas map when you press M I mean i can have an idea making all the minimap fotos together or something like that ? or maybe with some software ? Thank you
  4. it was the marty code so it have another line thats says if NEWSTUFETCETC THEN > 300 ELSE > normal 30 sec, su this 30 sec will never work i dint see it
  5. ./qc guild_join_war.quest ? or maybe post the quest , something is wrong with the teleport coords
  6. not working for me, maybe any solution 2021 ?
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