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  1. Changelogs 1.0.11 • The quiver for the Ninja has been inserted • An issue with character deletion has been resolved • New emotions have been added • A new system has been added to quickly change your equipment • The disappearance time of items has been reduced from 3 minutes to 5 seconds • All potions and elixirs within the PvP tournament have been blocked • A new system has been added to check statistics during guild wars. It can be opened with the TAB key https://gyazo.com/1ceec359aeb55215d27a1265526e8030 https://gyazo.com/abb671b610e1bca0493034b5b22672fe https://gyazo.com/dac0e9ebac585a05f50cb67c570c6160 https://gyazo.com/c7976a07bd08d1f473b21789825c04b3
  2. Changelogs 1.0.8: Added a special system to allow guild wars to be held in equal numbers #dev-previews You will not be able to summon any type of mount / horse in prohibited maps Fishing and Letter event scheduled All healing skills cannot be used on other players during PvP events. Healing skill can be used only on yourself during the event. All items are now tradable Now you can recharge for free the skills of guild You will no longer be able to request party access within the PvP tournament New member inside our staff New giveway #giveaway Costumes Lv.9 inside the item-shop
  3. Changelogs 1.0.5: Any type of costume can now be traded Fixed an issue with the Donnie pet Fixed all issues with mounts Added green and purple potions (G) New wings inside the item-shop!
  4. Changelogs 1.0.3: We fixed an error regarding the league rank Mounts have been disabled in guild maps Fixed an issue with the successor ring The critical hit ring has been changed. It will now also have the block bonus Critical/Block Hit Ring & Ring of poisoning description update Hair dyes have been added to the General Store Saleswoman Fixed an issue regarding item shop custom karma Free PvP blocked in the PvP map
  5. Changelogs 1.0.2: A PvP map has been added. It will be accessible through the teleportation ring Time to use elixirs has been removed Green and purple potions (P) have been added Issues with guardians in the respective village have been resolved A new NPC Traitor Balso has been added which will allow you to destroy objects Standard hair has been added by doctrine teachers
  6. Changelogs 1.0.1: There will no longer be a need to wait to change sex Added elixirs to the General Store Saleswoman You can now destroy items by moving them to the General Store Saleswoman Respawn reduced to 3s instead of 8s The portals have been removed The guild disband time has been removed Fixed an issue with the dagger and glacial bow in the shop Bonus translation TR language fix
  7. Dear Community, The opening of registrations will start on July 13th at 15:00 CEST We want to remind you that the download is available at https://www.haumea2.com/download Also our first giveaway is active. Take part now through #giveaway Applications to join our staff are open. #team-applications #promotion-application Server start on July 14th at 15:00 CEST
  8. Future Haumea2 players, we want to remind you that applications to become part of our Staff are open! Useful links: Website: https://www.haumea2.com/ Discord: https://discord.com/invite/BJ9xGj9ume
  9. All updates will be present on our Discord in the appropriate sections. Project opening: 07/14/2021 Website: https://www.haumea2.com/ Discord: https://discord.com/invite/BJ9xGj9ume Applications to become part of our staff are open! The download will be available in the next few days, you will be updated through our channels.

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