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  1. What is the Uriel Anti-Cheat? Uriel Anti-Cheat provides protection against cheaters for metin2 servers. We were running our company only in Turkey since 3 years and we decided to make it global. Why Uriel Anti-Cheat? Unlike other anti-cheats, we never use any hardcoded detection method (such as process name, window title, etc...) to prevent any cheat. We use special algorithms and methods to detect all type of cheats. In Turkey, you may know, there are a lot of cheaters and cheat providers, they always trying to update their cheats but not for Uriel Anti-Cheat. Because they can't update their cheat on our protection. We never blocked any cheat specifically, we always block the ways of cheating. So, public, private, known and unknown all cheats will be blocked. What Uriel Anti-Cheat provides? Can check your game file's integrity. Can put limit to count of client will be opened at the same time Can block any cheat known or unknown (m2bob, xbot, hlbot, lalaker...) completely Can block the debuggers Can encrypt the client to prevent analyzing. Can block cheaters permamently. And more... What is the requirements to use Uriel Anti-Cheat? Client Source Game Source Basic software knowledge Can I Control the Anti-Cheat? Yes, we have control panel for the anti-cheat. You can activate/deactivate features and make update operations. Also, you can track your payments, statistics about your game. How Can I Contact Uriel Anti-Cheat? Skype: live:urielac1 Website: www.urielac.com Email: [email protected] Can I Test Your Anti-Cheat? There is no trial, but you can test our anti-cheat on already installed servers. For that, please contact with us. Regards, Uriel Anti-Cheat.
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