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  1. I tried it and it works, thank you very much! Do you by any change happen to know if it's possible for me to write one of these functions that counts how many times the player basic attacks?
  2. Hi everyone! I am writing a quest and I have run in a seemingly simple problem. You know how you write pc.getarmor() == "armor vnum" to check if the player has a specific armor equipped? I wish to do the same but with costumes, i have tried pc.getwear(19) but it doesn't seem to work. Do you guys know how?
  3. Hi, does anybody know how to create a new status point like str and a bonus for it? For an example: A "Rage" stat like VIT STR INT DEX and a bonus that links to it that can be added on items? It doesn't have to do anything like damage or defence but just to exist, without showing in Character Status Window (c)
  4. Go to /usr/local/etc/mysql , open my.cnf , search for [mysqld] and add sql-mode="NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION".
  5. Hello! I am using the Metin2 Project 2014.1 client and svfile from ASIKOO's guide. And the browser from the itemshop / mall is using Internet Explorer embedded. I want to embed chromium beacause I want to load webistes that use javascript. Basically I need a browser that supports html5 . There are two older topics on this but neither have an answer or tutorial, and I read somewhere that servers like Aeldra do use more modern browsers. I have tried to do it myself , but I can't seem to figure it out, In the source, the pythonapplication scripts use functions such as WebBrowser_Show and void WebBrowser_Move which are present in the original CWebBrowser but aren't in any other sample apps of other browsers I could find. I tried with a CefSharp browser embedded sample app and a WebView2 (Which is Microsoft Edge's and is in c++) browser embedded sample app. But I can't figure out how to add them into the pythonapplication. Maybe I am looking at it wrong or something. Can anybody please help me? I am sure this is helpful for many other people too!
  6. Hello guys! I am a beginner mt2dev and I need some help! I wrote an app using python 3.9 and tkinter and I was wondering if it is possible to add it to my metin2 server ? I am using the Metin2 Project 2014.1 client and svfile from ASIKOO's guide. The app is a kind of loot sytem. Could it run as a window in game but use my script , similar to the itemshop which uses a webpage? Can metin2 use python 3 scripts? Do I need to install it in the client? I am not familiar with python2 and reprogramming the whole app without tkinter and using metin2 libraries seems a bit too complicated for me. Especially that I am a beginner in metin2 development.
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