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  1. The same mistake is still https://gyazo.com/a9f77de2dee3e12b2320344008ECF6E7 Can you install the whole system for money?
  2. Thank you I tried to search but I could not add Add your modification but still there is a problem https://gyazo.com/399fcdba5617b0f1d56506d9e53525d7
  3. Find help installing this part code https://paste2.org/vhVO0CY3 the original https://paste2.org/dE68faCD code https://paste2.org/OZasPvxL the original https://paste2.org/U8X7B02O
  4. I did this but the problem still persists fix
  5. im add system offshop im have this bug https://gyazo.com/05f00979368ea52f5f1a169d25ed8a78
  6. I have a problem after adding this system Metin2 UPDATE 18.2 Catch King Mini Game Attendance The source was working fine This system has been added There's a mistake [email protected]:/usr/src/Server/game/src # gmake linking ../game_r41180 g++6: error: ../../liblua/5.0/lib/liblua.a: No such file or directory g++6: error: ../../liblua/5.0/lib/liblualib.a: No such file or directory gmake: *** [Makefile:196: ../game_r41180] Error 1 I hope there is a solution thanks
  7. Thank you The problem is still there
  8. Thank you problem It is not modified When the proto locale Modification does not occur Did you understand ? This just happens while adding damage rate Or boss skills Do you understand what I mean When I collect The addition is not modified
  9. yes im test Excel There is still the same error yes dump_proto upppppp
  10. video bug https://streamable.com/rheefq
  11. im have bug DumpProto When adding damage rate, collect and unlock Edit disappears https://gyazo.com/472b7cc2d9c5eee0c91929a156043a0a https://gyazo.com/f3ebd0a0293dde0976e7f17c94058310
  12. i need dev install this all system Offline Shop (Premium Private Shop) - Guides & HowTo - Metin2 Dev Conquerors of Yohara Official Server Level System and Point System Update. - Guides & HowTo - Metin2 Dev system gaya
  13. send link this file
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