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  1. Hello! So i managed to make it work (the problem was that i downloaded the script from the forum post and not from your post -.-" :D) so its working fine now, i can export models with animation to 3ds max, but there is one problem left, some parts of the modell are loaded wrong, for example i load the alchemist and the rod gets loaded behind or i load an armor and certain parts get disclocated, do you have a solution for this?
  2. Hello! thanks for your answer but i have a different problem, in noesis i see the gr2 modell, but i cant preview animation in noesis and i cant export it (if i export any animation nothing gets exportet, no file, but i can export the base model) How do i load the animation to noesis like in your video?
  3. How do you import an animation? I can import any model, any mob etc. but i cant find how to load an animation over an already loaded model
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