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  1. is it possible to create a quest button like the one that shows we have attributes to add and show the number of quests that are active?
  2. When you write in the chat and teleport quickly you will have another chat on top of this one. So it doesn't work properly.
  3. I have it like this, but only the first window is centered on me, the second keeps appearing further to the side
  4. basically i can't put out random bonuses is that it?
  5. @Mali When I exchange a certain item for a costume and receive the costume in inventory it has no bonus.
  6. 0912 22:47:17399 :: File "uiChat.py", line 1198, in OnRender 0912 22:47:17399 :: File "uiChat.py", line 1143, in Refresh 0912 22:47:17399 :: File "uiChat.py", line 1167, in RefreshBoardViewState 0912 22:47:17399 :: AttributeError 0912 22:47:17399 :: : 0912 22:47:17399 :: 'int' object has no attribute 'GetGlobalPosition'

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