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  1. Check one more time all changes what you have done in *(serve/db/src) ClientMagagerPlayer.cpp I think you have done something wrong.
  2. Problem solved, I was remake all the DB part, Thank you so much @TMP4
  3. I will check immediately and come back with an answer. Although I think you're right. Thank you very much.
  4. I haven't made any recent changes to skill_proto. The only thing recently added is the sash system with scale, but with this system everything goes perfectly. There are no bugs / errors. From what I noticed in the DB, the following things are not saved after a reboot, / shutdown No matter how long I wait, even if I wait 15 minutes. Not saved (Skill (what it's bring with him this error / Player Level and Horse Level)
  5. Hello everybody, I have a problem with skills, You have an explicit video below. More precisely what happens: I enter the game I try to use the skills and it doesn't work, the only solution is to (die) then everything returns to normal Syserr empty (CH-core / DB / Auch) Any opinion matters, Thanks in advance, Regords Rokco.
  6. OK, I found the solution for this, but I don't understand why he does this when his name is too long in DB. The solution is this, I got in * DB * PLAYER = Item_proto (name and Locale_name) to the object that displayed my error, It was called [Esarfa Suveran (Ancient)] if you cut 4 or 5 characters from the object name, Example: [Esarfa Suv (Ancient)] (error disappears). I think because the name is too long, but I still don't see the connection. If anyone has an explanation for this, I would be happy to hear it! Thank you.
  7. Hi, i was just install sash with scale, All done no bugs or problem, Only thing what i can't solve it's this, Has anyone an idea about this error. (The error its aparar when i try to combine sash of different grades) Iven if is show this error no bug / problems in game. SYSERR: Jul 15 21:23:08 :: ChildLoop: AsyncSQL: query failed: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1 (query: INSERT DELAYED INTO log (type, time, who, x, y, what, how, hint, ip, vnum) VALUES('ITEM', NOW(), 519, 968863, 278983, 11895041, 'COMBINE (REFINE SUCCESS)', 'Esarfa Roiala (Antica) 1 ', errno: 1064) Thank you in advence.
  8. It's work perfectly, Thx Regords, Rokco @tarata12To short that problem [Hidden Content] you shod not chenge Item_proto (Client side) Make change just in DB (Navicat - Player - Item_Proto) (Type 28 and Subtipe 3/4/5 Depending how many things you got on your costume system) If you whant to make change in Item_proto from client you shud put a (REAL_TIME 86400) Value on your Mount! And Sorry for my bad ENG, I hope you undestend me.
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