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  1. 0618 21:31:20411 :: NameError 0618 21:31:20411 :: : 0618 21:31:20411 :: global name 'uiChestDrop' is not defined 0618 21:31:20411 ::
  2. no i have import if app.ENABLE_SHOW_CHEST_DROP: import uiChestDrop the problem from something other
  3. hello i have problem with this system every time i go to lunched game and sign up it's exite and on syser say networkModule.SetSelectCharacterPhase - <type 'exceptions.ImportError'>:No module named uiChestDrop iam sure i have this file uichestdrop on folder root there are any example how to fixed this ?
  4. i think because the system anti level 15 it's jut on map city 1-3 not other maps
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