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  1. Thank you very much @masodikbela So, basically, you're telling me that a MMO server should handle autonomously all the game mechanics using UDP, while TCP should be reserved only for things like item shop and chat system? Concerning multithreaded code, this isn't an issue at all, given my own experience and Rust compile time safety checks. Lastly, I've read something about protobuf, and as far as I can tell, this kind of things is already implemented in a few well known crates for rust, so neither this one should be an issue. Now, let's tackle the main problem, Metin2 server knowledge. Do you have any suggestions on where should i go/what should I do in order to gain some expertise on it? Once again, thank you! ?
  2. Upp.. Nobody wants to answer this questions? ?
  3. Hello everybody! I am an operating systems programmer with some experience in writing low-level material and handling simultaneous/parallel computations in C, C ++ and Rust, but I have never written any network software that could be worthy of this name, nor something related to the world of video games. I would like, as a hobby, to learn about this world in order to implement a brand new server written completely in Rust. I would like to have your advises and, moreover, to know where to move the first steps to understand how a Metin2 server works, what are the main design errors that you think have been made and what you would expect from a server designed for modern needs. Thanks!
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