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  1. - First: shutdown from game - Second: killall game - Third: wait 10 min and killall db The following does not work. I always lose my items (i got those items executing /i xxx)
  2. Hello guys, I checked for a solution before posting and I tried every command in the following post: The problem is none of the solutions worked for me. Can someone show me a proposer way to restart the server?
  3. Hello guys, Since I started playing this game, I met so many people, discovered so many servers, destroyed so many items, done so many runs ... And now I dicided to jump into the world of "metin2 development" using my experience as a full stack developper. So I started surfing on the net and I just discovered this wonderful community and I want to learn as much as I can from it. The first thing I did was following the "How to create a metin2 private server on Virtual Machine" tutorial (Thank u ASIKOO) and everything went great. But here is the problem, there is so much information in the forum that I'm lost and I don't know from where to start. I need an orientation, a path to take for a healthy progression, that's why I need your knowledge guys. What I learned so far was importing and starting the metin2 server on VM, connect to the server throught an SSH client, play with the metin2 client files (packing , unpacking & changing IP), access to the Databases and use an SFTP client. The next step for me is: - Locate the logs (client & server side) - Create a registration form for new players - Learn about server security - Learn about client security - Implement new weapons, armors, accessories ... - Implement new maps - Learn about the database architecture What do you think? Feel free to post links & give your feedback Thank u for you help
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