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  1. Hey guys, my name is Gabriel and i've been playing m2 since 2010! Here we have no good private servers, so I decided to open a good one to play with 2 or 3 friends. I have never tried to open a metin2 server and my programming knowledgements are so bad hahaha Hope you guys can help me ??
  2. it's done, in the end of '302' and '301' there's errors, and the client still not connecting maybe it's a virtual machine problem? EDIT: Recompiled it all again without the errors, but the client still unable to connect in server channels...
  3. Hey asikoo, thanks for the tutorial! I've done every step and i'm almost there I mean my server is online right? But when i'm trying to connect to, the channels seems to be offline: The serverinfo.py of root arquive is already changed to the Virtual Machine IP in localhost line, what should I do? Thanks!
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