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  1. With this that problem is not hapenning only if u did something wrong
  2. Read the post again i never said the original one had a problem it was just hard to find the system and the one i found was incomplete so i had do sanii's fixes and decided to post all together for ease of acess for everyone and i've heard of people trying to sell this so now it should not be a problem xd
  3. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Hello since i was looking for this system and it was "hard" to find it because Sanii's page is gone, i had to put it together taking bits of code from here and there. It is full with all the fixes and working with armor and weapon costumes. With this system you can assign an .mse file to a Vnum via 1 single .txt file It is a nice system so everyone should be able to use it. Only thing left is to adapt it for Sash's/Wing's if someone want's to do that i can post it here. Have fun.
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