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  1. I think SN15 launch left no doubt in any one's mind. Starship can and will deliver cargo to another planets. It's just a matter of time.
  2. Starlink satellites will change our lives to the good, and it's obvious. I don't see any sense in describing the functions and advantage of Starlink sats: visit other forums and talk to people who've already purchased starter kits and you'll find out their opinion. Personally I don't see any negative sides of the growing number of satellites, but astrophotographers don't agree with me beause satellites affect their hobby and even work.
  3. Hi! I'm also a newbie here, nice to meet you too.
  4. The problem of space debris stands out sharply, and I agree with you that it should be solved as soon as possible, but it's so hard to vote in your poll for me because I suppose that each method of deorbiting space debris has the right to exist, has advantages and disadvantages and so on. I see no one mentioned a laser system. I saw several concepts that presuppose the use of lasers based either on Earth or in space, and these lasers will destroy large pieces of space junk. Space tug is something completely new for me, so I need time to explore this concept.
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