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  1. Guys there are this animated weapons that i want to add but when i add them they look like they don't have a texture https://gyazo.com/0d1f156eae22476bb851551d0e8abb45 I've tried to put the .dds in all the common folders (items/weapons) the folder of the .mse and it still isn't working How can i find out where the texture path for this .mse animated weapon should go ? there is no information in the .mse and i can't open the .mde #Solved: For anyone in the future who find this thread and has the same problem open your .mde and search "ymir work" and you can change
  2. I've added a new item type for wings but when i put them in item proto and try to turn server on it gives me this https://prnt.sc/11vmurz This is what i've put into proto reader https://prnt.sc/11vmwdq https://prnt.sc/11vmwyq https://prnt.sc/11vmxjj I dont understand this out of range thing, can someone elaborate on what im doing wrong ? Keep in mind ITEM_BELT is 35 but it takes the 34 Wing is 36 but it takes 35
  3. I'm searching for Sanii's shining system i want to know if there is any public version released ? i couldn't find one If you have it please message me
  4. I've got Info target System and The extended Reload Commands, If i add items and do /reload drops the new items show on the target info but if i remove items and /reload drops the old items still show until i restart the client, does someone know the cause of this or have a fix ?
  5. There is no ScrollBar and the items appear like that ? https://imgur.com/a/Axi5qNA
  6. I have a problem The Problem is That in the "Sura_m.msm" etc.. I put 1 Costume With Texture 1 and other with Texture 2 but i can only see the Texture 1 not the second one i've tried to mess around with this invert the order etc.. couldn't get it to work.. .msm are correct the _1 with _1 works, the _1 with _2 doesn't as show below xxx_m/w.msm files: https://prnt.sc/11a2vce _1 with _1 : https://prnt.sc/11a3k68 _1 with _2: https://prnt.sc/11a3ko5 I've replaced the old icons with the new icons with the same ID in the item_proto and ite
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