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  1. Well, it may be late but.. the problem is there because the View Equipment is set to view items which have the index below 19... To fix this you just need to modify [19] on the system files with 20 or a higher number.
  2. Try this maybe? I don't fully understand your question
  3. Do we need C++11 or higher for this? @ASIKOO
  4. Thanks to Galadriela @ J4m What would it look like? https://i.gyazo.com/3344cc4f49f24a4ae5923398eab901ef.mp4 1. Replace your costumewindow.py with this one: https://pastebin.com/wXMGS6CN 2. Replace class CostumeWindow from uiinventory with this one: https://pastebin.com/ctzEAnUg 3. Search for # 인벤토리를 닫을 때 코스츔이 열려있었다면 인벤토리를 열 때 코스츔도 같이 열도록 함. if self.isOpenedCostumeWindowWhenClosingInventory and self.wndCostume: self.wndCostume.Show() 4. Replace with: # 인벤토리를 닫을 때 코스츔이 열려있었다면 인벤토리를 열 때 코스츔도 같이 열도록 함. if self.wndCostume: self.wndCostume.Show(self.isOpenedCostumeWindowWhenClosingInventory) 5. Search for self.costumeButton = self.GetChild2("CostumeButton") 6. Add below self.costumeButton.Hide() 7. Search & Delete this: if self.costumeButton and not app.ENABLE_COSTUME_SYSTEM: self.costumeButton.Hide() self.costumeButton.Destroy() self.costumeButton = 0 8. Search this: if app.ENABLE_NEW_EQUIPMENT_SYSTEM: self.wndBelt = BeltInventoryWindow(self) 9. Add below: # Costume Window if app.ENABLE_COSTUME_SYSTEM: self.wndCostume = CostumeWindow(self) 10. Search: # Costume Button if self.costumeButton: self.costumeButton.SetEvent(ui.__mem_func__(self.ClickCostumeButton)) self.wndCostume = None 11. Replace with: # Costume Button ##if self.costumeButton: ## self.costumeButton.SetEvent(ui.__mem_func__(self.ClickCostumeButton)) self.wndCostume = CostumeWindow(self) 12. Search for: self.isOpenedCostumeWindowWhenClosingInventory = self.wndCostume.IsShow() # 인벤토리 창이 닫힐 때 코스츔이 열려 있었는가? 13. Replace with: self.isOpenedCostumeWindowWhenClosingInventory = self.wndCostume.IsOpeningInventory() print "Is Opening Costume window?? ", self.isOpenedCostumeWindowWhenClosingInventory 14. Search for def OnMoveWindow(self, x, y): # print "Inventory Global Pos : ", self.GetGlobalPosition() if self.wndBelt: # print "Belt Global Pos : ", self.wndBelt.GetGlobalPosition() self.wndBelt.AdjustPositionAndSize() 15. Add below: if self.wndCostume: self.wndCostume.AdjustPositionAndSize()
  5. If someone knows how to do this, and wants to do a tutorial.. that would be great!
  6. Fix View Equipment Weapon costume Because some people are stupid and say "Solved" without giving the solution: Search def RefreshSlot(self): equipmentDict = self.wndEquipment.itemDataDict for i in [11, 12]: if equipmentDict.has_key(i): self.wndCostumeEquipmentSlot.SetItemSlot(i, equipmentDict[i][0], equipmentDict[i][1]) Add at-- for i in [11, 12, number of weapon costume index] For example mine is index 13 so I will add def RefreshSlot(self): equipmentDict = self.wndEquipment.itemDataDict for i in [11, 12, 13]: if equipmentDict.has_key(i): self.wndCostumeEquipmentSlot.SetItemSlot(i, equipmentDict[i][0], equipmentDict[i][1]) Extend the list with other indexes for costume_mount, rings, etc.
  7. except it is like the official lmao, what are u talking about man? You can even make it like the recent update, the one with the icons on the VIT/INT/STR/DEX rows.. just add emoji in textline and done.
  8. nevermind! did not see the link lol
  9. uitarget.py Search: self.nextStoneIconChange = 0 Add below: self.itemScrollBar = None Search: def __LoadInformation(self, race): self.yPos = 7 self.children = [] self.race = race self.stoneImg = None self.stoneVnum = None self.nextStoneIconChange = 0 Add below self.itemScrollBar = None Before fix: https://gyazo.com/49fa23035f3c9a4b89f1d2558a226142.mp4 After fix: https://gyazo.com/4e70fa9ce743f7f5acbb938da5c50dcb.mp4
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