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  1. Thanks to Galadriela @ J4m What would it look like? https://i.gyazo.com/3344cc4f49f24a4ae5923398eab901ef.mp4 1. Replace your costumewindow.py with this one: https://pastebin.com/wXMGS6CN 2. Replace class CostumeWindow from uiinventory with this one: https://pastebin.com/ctzEAnUg 3. Search for # 인벤토리를 닫을 때 코스츔이 열려있었다면 인벤토리를 열 때 코스츔도 같이 열도록 함. if self.isOpenedCostumeWindowWhenClosingInventory and self.wndCostume: self.wndCostume.Show() 4. Replace with: # 인벤토리를 닫을 때 코스츔이 열려있었다면 인벤토리를 열 때 코스츔도 같이 열도록 함. if self.wndCostume:
  2. If someone knows how to do this, and wants to do a tutorial.. that would be great!
  3. Fix View Equipment Weapon costume Because some people are stupid and say "Solved" without giving the solution: Search def RefreshSlot(self): equipmentDict = self.wndEquipment.itemDataDict for i in [11, 12]: if equipmentDict.has_key(i): self.wndCostumeEquipmentSlot.SetItemSlot(i, equipmentDict[i][0], equipmentDict[i][1]) Add at-- for i in [11, 12, number of weapon costume index] For example mine is index 13 so I will add def RefreshSlot(self): equipmentDict = self.wndEquipment.item
  4. except it is like the official lmao, what are u talking about man? You can even make it like the recent update, the one with the icons on the VIT/INT/STR/DEX rows.. just add emoji in textline and done.
  5. nevermind! did not see the link lol
  6. uitarget.py Search: self.nextStoneIconChange = 0 Add below: self.itemScrollBar = None Search: def __LoadInformation(self, race): self.yPos = 7 self.children = [] self.race = race self.stoneImg = None self.stoneVnum = None self.nextStoneIconChange = 0 Add below self.itemScrollBar = None Before fix: https://gyazo.com/49fa23035f3c9a4b89f1d2558a226142.mp4 After fix: https://gyazo.com/4e70fa9ce743f7f5acbb938da5c50dcb.mp4
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