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  1. Hi big brothers, i know you are doing ok and my question today is that im little bit confused about my specs in OVH , My server : 16 gb ram - vCores 8 - 160gb ssd and ovh only let me buy more ram , i mean im on the maximal level of vps But its not posible cuz its only cost 70 euro every month, so i check and my server is called = >> Privat virtual server << and its the Elite configuration Than i check in the menu and they offer = >> Dedicated Servers (bare-metal) << this bare metal they have this configuration for only 123 euro mounthly but version of freebsd instead of 12 is 11 AMD Ryzen 7 3800X - 8 c / 16 t - 3.9 GHz / 4.5 GHz 64 gb ram 1gbs but this bare metal sound more like a computer rather than a server i mean im confused bro what should i get ? i mean money is no problem i want the best but do i need that amd ryzen or whatever do i need freebsd 11 ? 32 gb ram with 8vcore can support up to 10k players ? i mean what configuration does have gameforge its more like im confused what will help me having the bare metal server rather than the actual i have 8cores ?¿ thank you for your patience
  2. First to level 120 - wins 100 euro paypal or bank transfer
  3. Hello, I come to introduce you to the 'server' (SDlongju2) Thought at home on a paper and computer, Memories of the private servers from 2004 - 2011, SDlongju2 is a copy of Csyt2 and Sdlongju + a little topical with the same old Chinese touch, Players who read this and know what I'm talking about 'are welcome' Max Level 120 Client available in functional Chinese and Spanish 100% Languages to be implemented? = All possible that exist A mini Chinese trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkhdVXh1ziQ The idea that the Chinese government banned metin2, I do not like also if it were in power it would eliminate them all, the same ones who decided to ban metin2, and RAIN would be the leader and the best Page to test it: https://www.sdlongju2.com/ Systems = Some enough, Without damaging the game, Without lycan Mounts and pets 6/7 Olympic white and yellow armor When will it close? = Never, the server is not designed to NEVER shut down, the family will always keep it every 100 years, my son agrees Legal problems? Other problems ? 0 players ONLINE? = No matter what happens, it will never CLOSE Updates? = From time to time, (we are not in a rush, we do it from the heart) Itemshop> We do not like the itemshop we want everyone the same, we will see if we remove it forever or put it until we get enough money to have the server for 1 more month, example = Every month i pay 300 euros for the server expenses, open the itemshop until i have the 300 euros and then it closes until the following month
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