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  1. char_item.cpp find for (i = 0; i < ITEM_SOCKET_MAX_NUM; ++i) if (item2->GetSocket(i) >= 1 && item2->GetSocket(i) <= 2 && item2->GetSocket(i) >= item->GetValue(2)) { // 석 확률 if (number(1, 100) <= 30) { ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("메틴석 부착에 성공하였습니다.")); item2->SetSocket(i, item->GetVnum()); } else { ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("메틴석 부착에 실패하였습니다.")); item2->SetSocket(i, ITEM_BROKEN_METIN_VNUM); } LogManager::instance().ItemLog(this, item2, "SOCKET", item->GetName()); ITEM_MANAGER::instance().RemoveItem(item, "REMOVE (METIN)"); break; } This line : if (number(1, 100) <= 30)
  2. I'm not a law student or anything. Maybe someone who knows can enlighten us. I haven't played for almost 10 years. My knowledge comes from some youtube videos. They fired community manager and he opened private server right after. They hired Edilee as staff and opened Turkey server with him and they fired him and didn't give his 400.000 Euro (according to his claim). His wife sued them. Of course they has right on content but if they want to put a pvp down, I guess they need to do some legal actions and in my opinion that not so easy for Turkey...
  3. Here [Hidden Content] Name: cncn.7z Size: 1253454 bayt (1224 KiB) SHA256: CA6DCD742360700109D231398223D256212F5F7CBA62474C8E9B2E8BDAD90473
  4. Can u give names or detail ? It has to be copyrights like they put metin2 somewhere in their game.
  5. In Turkey GF has no legal rights, because they don't pay any taxes like they don't have any contact here, as far I know. Maybe I'm wrong. If turkey says " You sell your product here and take our people money, you need to take license from us." And if they don't do that like paypal, Turkey can shut down all their job here... GF is a German company so, they can do legal actions to German pvp servers, its not unusual thing. But in Turkey only can do is youtube copyrights etc...
  6. check client granny version and your exporter version, your client version need to same or higher version

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