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  1. Indeed it worked, with a slight catch.. What i had 2 to do is to add more height to all the parent elements, starting from the first parent, and following the nesting
  2. Hello, I have this 1 button which is not clickable in the following position: Faulty position: https://gyazo.com/34ad7ffea9c2e6b8d720eb36a8fa5983 But if i move it higher it works just fine, I not sure what to do, any ideas would be appreciated Working position: https://gyazo.com/9f9b1eb62a84bd156eb0f0e6e88a4e08 The actual ui dictionary:
  3. Hello, I'm keen to know, is there a way to increase a specific item texture specular (weapon/armor/etc) beyond the 100 that you can set in specular column? Or better yet to edit the texture to define what 100 specular should be. Point is, some items aren't as shiny as they should be at 100 specular PS. I assume the specular is tied to the texture. Thanks!
  4. Any chance u got the set for all characters?
  5. Hello peeps, I've got the following sutiation: When i add a specific map to index file, a core does not start (channel99 -> core99). When i try to Cannot connect to the server, an connection error is displayed by the client. I've added the map dir name at the eof, with a uniquie index Id Ex. 100 my_map_dir_name The map index has not yet been added to any of the CONFIG files Does anyone have any idea how can I debugg this situation? Can't seem to find any error in the cores/mysql client/auth syserr In syslog no helpful info also..(edited) ----FIX--- Sonitex —
  6. Hello, I've added strong against metins/bosses, and now, I am trying to add em to item_attr. The goal is to make what is a bonus that I can add manually to an item, to be "addable" by add/change bonus items, if that makes sense? Now I do not know what that implies, any ideas/suggestions would be much apreciated! PS. I did try to add a new row in the table with APPLY_ATTBONUS_METIN, no luck tho. Thanks
  7. Hello, I am running on freeBSD 11.3, gcc49, C++11, mysql 5.5 When compiling, at some point the compilation freezes and in VM machine, i keep getting this swapper error in termnial: swap_pager_getswapspace(3) failed swap_pager_getswapspace(7) failed swap_pager_getswapspace(9) failed swap_pager_getswapspace(3) failed . . . Any idea if this is related to the compilation freeze or? My main problem is the compilation freeze, TOP dosen't seem to show any memory shortage.. TOP output : https://gyazo.com/a2202e6f2607b2dfd5035ed19767c3e5 I m not sure if t
  8. Following For this switch statement: if (GetType() == ITEM_ARMOR) { switch (GetSubType()) { case ARMOR_BODY: return ATTRIBUTE_SET_BODY; case ARMOR_WRIST: return ATTRIBUTE_SET_WRIST; case ARMOR_FOOTS: return ATTRIBUTE_SET_FOOTS; case ARMOR_NECK: return ATTRIBUTE_SET_NECK; case ARMOR_HEAD: return ATTRIBUTE_SET_HEAD; case ARMOR_SHIELD: return ATTRIBUTE_SET_SHIELD; case ARMOR_E
  9. It does make sense, I'll still keep the post up if every participant till now agrees, who knows maybe the comments information will provide knowledge to more people, thanks for sharing it tho!
  10. Imma be honest, I didn't know if he was making fun of the situation or not
  11. Considering remote developement on freebsd is limited, and you might have to hard reset from a repo, you might find it annoying at times to keep modified dates in check, anyways, this is something I find useful, my knowledge might also be limtied but it is what it is!
  12. The point is to remove only the file you;'ve modified and compile only that file into a new object, but you could wait to compile errthing again, smart boi... aaand if ur decently clever u can make something that does everything from pull, rm, gmake, restart
  13. import sys import os from os import path def rmObj(objNames): # objNames = objNames.replace(' ', '') db_objDir = "locatie_DB_.obj_absoluta" #Absolut location for db dir objects, should look like /usr/src/gameSource/Server/db/src/.obj" game_objDir = locatie_GAME_.obj_absoluta" #Absolut location for game dir objects, should look like: /usr/src/gameSource/Server/game/src/.obj" obj_ExtensionLst = ['.o', '.d'] count = 0 for objName in objNames: objName = objName.replace(',', '').replace(' ', '') for extension in obj_ExtensionLst: db_ObjLocation
  14. The script moves the compiled game/db to a desired location, and back up the old ones, in a new directory, named by the user (as a commit message u might say) Could be useful if you don't use git/symlinks, I myself didn't think about symlinks for game/db, thanks to ikarus i do now haha. Prereq: python >3.4 pkg search python pkg install python_vsr_from_search_output I've commented in line what values to modify To call the script simply do python3.X fileName.py backup_Directory_Name import os import shutil from os import path class move_Binaries: targetD
  15. This is gr8, i mainly wanna use it for debugging purposes, only way I came up with do do any debugging, thanks!
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