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  1. hey lovely ppl at metin2dev ! i'm facing this problem when i try to use my putty key to login to my sql server ,, " photo " and thanks a lot !
  2. Hey lovely people in Metin2Dev ! 1 - I'm searching for a well scripted website for my Metin2 server ,, where i could get one ? And what's the best providers for website script for Metin2 ? 2 - should i put the server and website together on one freebsd ? Or spreat them ? Thanks a lot
  3. i already solve it using Google ,, thanks a lot
  4. hey lovely ppl at Metin2Dev ! i'm trying right now to secure my freebsd so i tried to use putty private key and disable the passwords and root login ,, the problem is i do not know how to config /etc/ssh/sshd_config to allow my second user to use ssh to the server i made ,, i followed this tutorial but the part where she config : /etc/ssh/sshd_config is missing ,, can someone help me ? and thanks a lot !
  5. Like use it for the MySql ip ? I think it's accepte only ipv4 ,, I'm i right ?
  6. Hey lovely people in Metin2Dev ! I want to ask if i should use static ip or dynamic ip for my Metin2 website project ,, The reason why is : if i use static ip it's will be easier to made the sql account for the website with specific ip but it's kinda risky in general .
  7. Hey lovely people ! , What's the best possible website script that's secure and have a good design and the price for it is on ( budget ) ? Thanks a lot for helping !
  8. So i should put my web db like this : Account.account.password & Email : update Player.player: select Player.guild: select Player.item_award: insert select on itemshop table A spreat account for sms/PayPal with account.account.coin : update I'm i right ?
  9. Nice that's an amazing advice !! , What's your opinion on ( Standalone server ) for the website or should i made them together ? ( Game& website )
  10. No problems ,, it's your personal preference ! I want to know more about how to secure your server and i want to know how to make the privileges as in ( Code Form ) , and thank you !
  11. Hey lovely people in Metin2Dev ! I want to ask if it's possible to make the Sing-in process ( registration process ) through the client it self ? and if it better or not ? I want to make this step so i do not get worry about the website privileges on 'mysql' database , thanks !
  12. Hey there Florin ! For website privileges i will not consider to put on full in risk of security For svside and hacktrap what do you recommend ? Hey Tmp ,, that what I'm talking about !! Thanks for the tips ! Now these privileges will not make the registration process get budged ? Do you have discord that we can chat on ?

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