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  1. There is no syserr in the client (I guess) but what about the server?
  2. SYSERR: Mar 2 20:47:10 :: FuncCheckWarp: Warp NPC name wrong : vnum(10814) name(.233 780) Change the name of the mob 10814 in mob_proto to . 233 780 (note the space) then it should work. I don't think this is related to his inventory tough.
  3. It's simpler than that the percent is added to the damage of your normal, non skill hits.
  4. I'm not sure what you expect. 4GB isn't a lot for running 3 cores and a mysql server, plus it's a VPS so you're sharing CPU with maybe 50 others. Did you check CPU usage during normal gameplay? Review the mysql settings as having too low buffers will increase CPU usage (/var/db/mysql/my.cnf in older versions and /usr/local/et/mysql/conf.d/server.conf in newer plus run MySQLTuner: pkg install perl, cd /root, fetch http://mysqltuner.pl, perl mysqltuner.pl -u root -pyourpassword)
  5. https://mega.nz/file/0l922TiT#xhoI7S12EUwj0OILB2hfFOQHdDLLRQpG4ZSEQv08eEY
  6. Thanks for this release Martysama. I'm grateful someone is doing this for the community. For those who mention bigger textures, they aren't going to make a lot of difference. They are a performance hit tough. Mixing textures properly will achieve a better look than using huge ones. Particularly matching textures to different terrain shapes. (If you look at games from around the same time like for example Skyrim, they are using textures of the same size as Metin. But their 3D engine supports things like bumpmaps or dynamic lighting which make them look way better)
  7. Hey there, Due to having some issues with the old config I rewrote it with the help of some online resources. I have update the OP with a newer version plus further help getting set up with it all. Comments welcome.
  8. Here's a pretty good writeup about the subject: https://www.imperva.com/docs/DS_Incapsula_The_Top_10_DDoS_Attack_Trends_ebook.pdf TLDR; get an OVH server, enable the permanent DDoS protection, use secondary IPs for your public stuff, set up pf, rate limit your auth ports and game ports as well because Layer 7 attacks on Metin2 are getting popular and not just the typical auth flood. These usually work by flooding poorly written systems that directly interact with the database. The golden rule for both your website and game is that a user should not be able to trigger a database connection or query directly and unrestricted (such as through loading a page or sending a packet). Either use a cache (the dbcache in Metin or Redis for web applications are an example) or throttle the connection (you can use nginx's ReqLimit module in a webserver and pf in your game server) Another case of involuntary DDos is when your server is too successful and people jam your uplink trying to download or patch your client.
  9. Cool, I'm adding it in our server.
  10. I think it's pretty obvious that you don't have enough memory?
  11. if it works the first time then the problem is with your client, most likely you don't have a valid atlas entry in root. The coordinates in the server side atlas and client side must match, just like the map ids
  12. Hello in fact this map has nothing but the clientside (folder wom2_map_citadel), as for serverside you only need to create the attr map which you can do in World Editor.
  13. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) The Deunsang Citadel is a full blown city map which was released for WoM3 in 2018 and used as home map for a whole year for one of the two kingdoms that existed in this server. It's also my latest (and possibly last) map. The idea was to create a city build around an Emperor's Castle located at the top of the hill. This was inspired by Ace sending me a large collection of buildings inspired in Asian constructions - finally I could make a city map with totally new buildings that didn't look like a patchwork. There are also docks, farming areas, and a large beach with a sunken ship which was part of the storyline developed for the beginner quests at that time. That's where new players spawned. For the ground textures, I chose smaller ones than in my previous maps. While it's possible to use large and detailed textures, they add little if anything to the looks, and result in larger memory usage. How textures complement each other and adapt to the terrain is more important - I used two almost identical grass textures, slightly shifted in color, to give volume to the ground to great effect. Shira provided many of the flowers and small animal effects for that extra detail. And KillMoves and his waterfall effect he worked so much on of course! There's also some stuff in there from Tatsumaru, as I'd use pretty much anything he does, I only wish there was more of it. The animals you see in the video are from Ridack and not included in the download as these are paid. Thanks to all the talented people I have had the chance to work with while mapping. Credits for the objects: Ground textures and trees: Shogun & Ace Asian Building models: Ace Grass, flowers, small effects. Shira Waterfall: KillMoves [Hidden Content]
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