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  1. Here are all the update texts regarding the beta http://games.sina.com.cn/zt/newol_0727metin2/0727_metin2_1871/index.shtml Unfortunately these files seem long lost; http://games.sina.com.cn/newgames/2004/07/072836251.shtml http://games.sina.com.cn/downgames/client/netgames/2004/08/2479022.shtml
  2. Mark the checkbox that says Unsigned there while having applytype0 highlighted as in your picture and Save. The original game won't even run (without crashing) in a modern version of MySQL if that wasn't done already. Besides, that's not the standard location of my.cnf in FreeBSD.
  3. Aren't you supposed to edit this stuff in uiscript?
  4. Why do the screens look like you ran an oil paint filter on them?
  5. Left column is Red, Green and Blue. Left is Alpha. Maximum is 1. With any palette chooser (the one in Paint net, or in Chrome Dev Tools for example, or there's online ones) you should be able to figure out values.
  6. If you only want certain IPs to access those ports then either delete this rule: pass in on $ext_if proto tcp to any port $service_ports flags S/SA keep state (max-src-conn 64, max-src-conn-rate 32/5, overload <abusive_hosts> flush) (Or if you still want some of the service_ports to be publicly accessible just delete the ones you want to restrict from the service_ports list) And then add the IP or IPs you want to allow in the trusted_hosts table. Those IPs are trusted so they can access any port regardless of rules. That said, this is not the best
  7. As long as you're blocking connections by default (block all or block in all should be your first rule) then you can just do this table <trusted_hosts> const { youriphere,anotherip } Pay attention to my example file to see where it's placed.
  8. You cannot unpack them because they are compiled into binary. That's why it's called cython.
  9. You don't see it because it's from the devil library. Maybe you have the wrong version installed, or none at all. Try installing devil from ports or something, though it looks like you are using FreeBSD 7 and it's not going to work.
  10. Yeah, it's called cython.
  11. So yesterday I got a PM asking for help optimizing a MySQL server and I though Icould just as well share what would be my answer with everyone. First of all make sure you are using a recent version of MySQL (5.6 at least) or MariaDB (10.3 or newer) as they generally should perform better than older versions. Upgrading your MySQL is easy - just uninstall the current version (ie: pkg delete mysql55-server) and install the new one (pkg install mysql57-server). You can find what is the currently installed version with pkg info. You may need to also uninstall and install the
  12. A small update - I decided to revert to using MariaDB 10.4 instead because our Log DB is running on MariaDB and the upgrade to MySQL 8 would involve a full dump and restore which would take hours with the server offline (50 GB of data there) Another reason is neither percona toolkit or xtrabackup, two tools I wanted to try out recently (more on this in a new post) do not have a FreeBSD port that is compatible with MySQL 8.
  13. FreeBSD is the best decission YMIR made. I don't get the obsession with porting it to a system just because it's more popular. There's a reason Netflix, Apple and Sony use it.
  14. Wow where did you find this? That's really early stuff. Too bad the ninja didn't look like that
  15. I had those crashes with skills or mobs which had 0 as damage if I recall correctly, in any case if your syslog has 18k lines and your syserr 2 somethin is seriously wrong. Dump your skill_proto table and paste the SQL here.
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