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  1. the add item work but the change item don't want to work..
  2. i try 4 times the tutorial and alwayse i have this error
  3. Cryptex


    The best quality and services
  4. Really ? why i have this errors ? is from pythonranking
  5. someone can close this topic. i fixed by myself
  6. Hi, i just implement dice system and i have a little problem with another system that i have, and that system is WJ ENABLE TRADABL.. i try it to modify and make it to work but i don't figure out how to doing to make working like exchange window here is the uidice.py : PasteBin And i have this errors in sysser : 0429 12:16:04754 :: Traceback (most recent call last): 0429 12:16:04754 :: File "game.py", line 987, in EndDice 0429 12:16:04754 :: File "interfaceModule.py", line 971, in EndDice 0429 12:16:04754 :: File "uiDice.py", line 291, in CloseDialog 0429 12:16:04754 :: File "uiDice.py", line 310, in Close 0429 12:16:04754 :: AttributeError 0429 12:16:04754 :: : 0429 12:16:04754 :: 'int' object has no attribute 'GetInventoryPage' 0429 12:16:04754 ::
  7. if you reset the accounts a bug will appear when displaying the name of the game.. strange characters
  8. hello guys i have a problem in ox map i don't know how to fix it.. the bug is like this : if someone answer the question, after an effect start to show in that place where the player was the first time i have the smoke (effect) system implemented the video with bug : video
  9. Not working.. maybe is frome uitooltip
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