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  1. ddar

    binary problem

    i solved it, thank u for ur help !
  2. ddar

    binary problem

    didn t solve anythin, just a bunch of errors, i removed it, anyway thank u for tryin to help !
  3. ddar

    binary problem

    @Mali61do you have discord to explain ? im new in this domain so i want to learn, if u want too . i ll try to look at this and figure out with BYTE, thanks for takin ur time and respond ! God bless.
  4. ddar

    binary problem

    Hi all! I m tryin to learn basisc and all for c++, to "dev" .. im tryin to install some systems, to look at all things and tryin to learn, now i tried to install hide effects system from ur forum and when i try to build solution i got this error " uint8_t // namespace std has no member uint8_t " i tried to add #include <stdint.h> but didn t work, any help ? and if someone knows a site or a tutorial when can i learn a lot would be great, thank u guys! https://imgur.com/a/stZ2Fqv
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