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  1. Could you add the output function? I wanted him to unzip the files in another folder, which I can select via the command line. I find it somewhat disorganized to leave the files unzipped inside the pack folder of the client.
  2. I understand, soon I make these checks to avoid a crash, and update the topic. And about using rapidjson, I for not have much knowledge with c++, I ended up just copying from the other functions that read the drops. But thanks for the feedback
  3. Hi guys I want to disclose a modification I made to my source to slightly improve the organization of common_drop_item.txt As always I notice, that I am not so familiar with c++, so this tutorial may contain some problem, for this reason I want to post and receive criticisms or opinions. I am also using google translator, I live in Brazil and I can only speak Portuguese First, I don't know if everyone knows, the common_drop_item is divided into 24 columns separated by TAB These columns are divided into 4 sections, from rank 0 to 3 That would be something like this PAWN S
  4. I really only have this problem when I use npc_lock
  5. Hello guys, I have a very complicated problem to explain, and the most complicated way to solve. I'm using leaked marty files as a base. (Yes, I texted him to try to buy the current files and he never answered me.) So let's go to the problem, first I took the source, fixed some fixes, installed some systems. I also updated to use Clang, and all dependencies as static. That's basically what I did. Now the problem comes, I noticed that in the blacksmith NPC of the demon tower every time I clicked on it, and then closed the conversation, it presented this error in the syserr
  6. If I'm not mistaken, with "reload q" he already does that. In the files I'm working on, I don't use translate.lua, just locale.lua.
  7. I made a script to reload on locale_string I thought it was too easy, but I didn't even test it much. If you want to test. locale.cpp In function void locale_init(const char *filename) Add before FILE * fp = fopen (filename, "rb"); localeString.clear(); The function will look like this void locale_init(const char *filename) { localeString.clear(); FILE *fp = fopen(filename, "rb"); char *buf; if (!fp) return; fseek(fp, 0L, SEEK_END); int i = ftell(fp); fseek(fp, 0L, SEEK_SET); ... cmd_gm.cpp In function ACMD(do_reloa
  8. I didn't really copy it, I spent hours researching some fix about it ... and I didn't find it, and if I had found it I would have saved myself 4 hours trying to solve it hahahaha But if you had the same idea as me, I believe I'm on the right path xD
  9. Very good, I did it here and it worked well
  10. Very good, thank you, it will help me a lot
  11. I sent you several messages on Skype and disagreed. I wanted so much to buy soon to open my server
  12. Where is this fix? I spent two hours searching on google and didn't find any correction, if someone did a fix better than mine, I definitely want to use it.
  13. Well, first I had a BUG on a client, if there were a lot of items on the floor, I kept pressing Z to pick up the items, until suddenly he stopped picking up. Then, I found that the function that maps the items that were nearby simply sent the package to pick up an item that was too far away and ignored those that were really close. I searched a lot on google for a solution, I saw two or three post with this same bug, but without solution. I know almost nothing about C ++, but I managed and managed to solve it. If anyone has an idea, or any better way to resolve it, plea
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