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  1. I didn't really copy it, I spent hours researching some fix about it ... and I didn't find it, and if I had found it I would have saved myself 4 hours trying to solve it hahahaha But if you had the same idea as me, I believe I'm on the right path xD
  2. Very good, I did it here and it worked well
  3. Very good, thank you, it will help me a lot
  4. Where is this fix? I spent two hours searching on google and didn't find any correction, if someone did a fix better than mine, I definitely want to use it.
  5. Well, first I had a BUG on a client, if there were a lot of items on the floor, I kept pressing Z to pick up the items, until suddenly he stopped picking up. Then, I found that the function that maps the items that were nearby simply sent the package to pick up an item that was too far away and ignored those that were really close. I searched a lot on google for a solution, I saw two or three post with this same bug, but without solution. I know almost nothing about C ++, but I managed and managed to solve it. If anyone has an idea, or any better way to resolve it, plea
  6. Didn't understand "bt full"? I'm Brazilian and I'm using google translate, sorry I found out where the problem is, I just don't know how to solve it. Inside the file Input.cpp In function CInputProcessor::Process I put a sys_log in: if (m_iBufferLeft < iPacketLen){ sys_err("teste2"); return true; } And whenever I try to login it appears in the syslog bool CInputProcessor::Process(LPDESC lpDesc, const void * c_pvOrig, int iBytes, int & r_iBytesProceed) { const char * c_pData = (const char *) c_pvOrig; BYTE bLastHeader =
  7. Hello My source works normal on freebsd 9.2 and gcc49 I managed to compile it on freebsd 12, 64bits, with clang9 I solved all the dependency errors. But the game and db compiles normal, but I can't log in ... Just log in until you exceed the time limit. And in the server logs it just shows that. SYSTEM: new connection from [] fd: 15 handshake 3880140660 output input_len 0, ptr 0x8021f7000 Do not log in, no more errors ... to lost = (
  8. Olá, após trocar meu binário pelo Samurai Core, o simbolo de GM não está aparecendo mais, em meu antigo binario funcionava, agora não está aparecendo o simbolo, porém os comandos de GM funciona normal, alguém tem ideia de como resolver? ---- Hello, after changing my binary by Samurai Core, GM's symbol is not showing up more in my old binary worked, now is not showing the symbol, but the GM commands work normal one has any idea how to solve? --- Hola, después de cambiar mi binario Samurai Core, símbolo de GM no está apareciendo más en mi vieja binaria funcionado, ahora no apar
  9. Boa Tarde, estou com um problema, estava atrás de uma source com binario, game e db, e achei a samurai core, no entanto minha root não é compativel com o binario, pois o binario tem alguns funções a mais. Como quando vai vender o item ele adiconar o Itype do item, e meu root não é assim, o unico root que achei compativel foi um com lycan, e não funcionou como eu queria, quero um root para samurai core para eu usar, que seja compativel, alguém tem? --------------------- Translate Buenas tardes, tengo un problema, yo estaba detrás de una fuente con el binario, juego y d
  10. Estou com uns bugs no meu server FIles Maxmi 2.5 Alguém tem ideia do que pode ser isso? Tenho a source de tudo ----------------------------------- Tengo la fuente de todo Tengo un error en mi servidor Archivos Maxmi 2.5 ¿Alguien tiene alguna idea de lo que puede ser? ----------------------------------- I've got a bug in my server FIles Maxmi 2.5 Does anyone have any idea what could that be? I have the source of all
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