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  1. Well done again my friend.I quit this job and I believe you'll quit too Congratulations again.
  2. Congratulations my friend.You are doing good things.I haven't been looking at the forum for a long time.I like your work.Keep trying
  3. I like your designs mate.Keep it up like this.
  4. It is not difficult to overcome this system but it is very good that you share it with people. Good luck.
  5. Welcome good luck Coalkid. Good luck with your Metin2 project. Sincerely.
  6. He is my friend one of the best designer i know. Of course recommend
  7. Again again again...Congratulations Mali!
  8. Ehehehe Awesome
  9. We can't link you.You need to come...There is an invitation to join on the right side of the our site.
  10. Congratulations ! It may have hurt you to do this .I am not asking because I know how much you will make the price xD.I hope your customer will increase.
  11. Congratulations nice system! Someone else shared your system on the leakmmo
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