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  1. Yup, problem was with the mapsize in locale/atlasinfo.txt, the map works just fine now.
  2. Found a potential bug in the map, could be happening because of my evironment but nonetheless. Steps to reproduce: Warp to the map, goto 593 808 coordinates(should be desert part of the map), exit the client, open client/log back in, the screen is black and u can only see ur character. EDIT. Happens on relog also. At those coordonates. Syserr: 0110 12:43:13303 :: NOT_FOUND_GLOBAL_POSITION(2491318, 2512799) 0110 12:43:13303 :: CPythonBackground::SelectViewDistanceNum(int eNum=0) mc_pcurEnvironmentData is NULL 0110 12:43:13303 :: CPythonBackground::SelectViewDistanceNum
  3. Meant serverside, yup got it, i'll look into that
  4. Hello everybody, I'm abit new to metin2 stuff, and this map seem to not have any clientside in the rar, can I just use any, from any other map and just change Settings.txt from sv side? An installation tutorial might be golden for ppl like me Thanks for the release !
  5. Hello everybody, I'm getting back into metin2 world after a healthy 8 years of break, admittedly my C++ skills have not really improved, I just need something to fall back in my life right now, something that feels "safe" is any can relate and I'll end it here haha. I'm making this post in regard to recent times, I see a lot of posts about source files changes, code modernisation and what not, even some python 3 on client side, which, really made me happy, idk if that's weird but hey . Anyway, done with the whining, is there anyone kind enough to recommend me a te
  6. Hello everybody, Considering what happened in the past year or so with P servers, is there still any hope in opening a P server? Or is there an actual risk ? Thanks
  7. So, I'm guessing you just need a simple bot to do some action with I assume seleium.webdriver through a proxy server, here's a simple example, all you gotta do is add to chromeOptions, the proxy address, ip_address:port, here's some code: Prerequisites: Keep in mind that the chromeDriver version has to be the same with ur chrome browser version, that is if you want to use chrome as ur browser. Python 3.6+ ChromeDriver: https://sites.google.com/a/chromium.org/chromedriver/downloads Fetch selenium: pip install selenium in CMD, or in ur virtual env terminal if
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