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  1. @Rodrigo just compiled it and add to the server. Search in quest where it begins the run.
  2. Just to enter or fully quest? quest dungeon begin state start begin when xxxx.use begin say_title("Blabla ") say("blabla ") local x = select("Dungeon", "Close") if x == 1 then pc.warp(000000,00000) end end end end
  3. Hello, The files as i remember cost 200 euros.
  4. Hello! You can take clean files from martysama and do your own. 0 bugs, full clean
  5. Hello! First of all don't use Trinity. Full of bugs and cores. Just make comment the code that appears the box.
  6. Hello! quest level_up begin state start begin when login begin say_title("~~~~ ") say("~~~~! ") end end end
  7. Hello! Check the querry, need to be pet type. Also check inventorywindow.py
  8. Hello guys! How can i set an option to change interface ingame? Like you have 2 options default interface and another one. Thank you!
  9. Hello ddar! The commands from system to system are different. Check before implement. Also check the tabs to be sure. In uiminimap.py In game.py
  10. Hello guys! For some reason got this error in syserr !GetMovablePosition (name Akihiro 1228800x2252800 map 84 changed to 1252300x2315500). I Have clean Coords, clean quest, clean attr, i run atlasinfo manager to be 100% that the map is in clean space. After this error, game.core appear. How can i fix this..?
  11. I need help with Src client. It's not big problem, i just don't know how to solve. For a developer it's easy. Thank you!
  12. Hello Guys! I've tried to implement CharacterWindow illumina, i think all it's good but syserr says other. I have this error: uiCharacter.py(line:865) __LoadWindow uiCharacter.py(line:180) __BindObject uiCharacter.py(line:888) Refreshing ui.py(line:2847) GetChild CharacterWindow.__LoadWindow - <type 'exceptions.KeyError'>:'PercentExp' But in CharacterWindow.py it's all good PercentExp exists also in uicharacter i think it load good CharacterWindow.py self.__LoadScript("uiscript/CharacterWindow.py")
  13. Hello! Happy new year to all! I have a problem, the server does not open, the problem is from db, can some one help me? This is the db syserr: this is the db syslog: the /var/db/mysql localhost.rr:
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