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  1. sorry for the late replay i dint understand what are the THE KEYS iam but for dump_proto the unpacked proto for item/mob i have the dump_proto but its not working iam trying to fix the proplem fo for now . but can you explane for me about the keys and what they are for , and how to find them or like that thank you for youre help.
  2. will i restart the pc more then 30 time in the last 2 day (XD) but what you mean by dawnload the dll and put it in folder of the dump_PROTO again i hope you watch this link www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7hq5UGRiWA is the path do make matter in stuff like dumbing and like that ? (( and iam pretty sure that i want to sve all my work and remove window and dawnload another one but i dont have time now xd )) thank you for replaying
  3. i did many google and youtupe search and . i install all of this but didnt work
  4. okay i will try tommorw i had enghuf for today
  5. i cant send you https// so you have to copy
  6. i think the problem from the dumb-proto this is vedeo on youtube i make for you hope you can help me what to do or where to but the mob_proto.txt to dump them right www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7hq5UGRiWA
  7. iam using turkey files they used too call ( frozen files) you see i dont care about files but i found there so eazy to work with and the already have full pack -- clint - sql-game and dump_proto but you see the dump_proto sayes ( The code execution canot proceed becase MSVCR120D.dll was not found . i dont know what is that but you sayed every item/mob_proto come with him dump_proto he did came but like i sayed MSVCR120D.dll was not found i think he is the problem cuz i dawonloaded random dump_proto and i think that why it crash i will send vedeo to you
  8. thank you for the replay i do know most of that my monster is like any other monster ... but my problem is not how to add monster you see i dawnload metin2 client with( sql and game) files with anonther file inside it (dumb_proto and item/mob_proto and item/mob_names) so you can but them in serverside and i did and it works 100% but when i dumb the mob_proto.txt and mob_name.txt to clientside mob_proto and save them in loacle when i log in it crash charecters in login menu the have no armors or sash when chose charecter it load and then crash
  9. so did it work or not ??? xd
  10. hello evryone i want to ask if someone have metin2 repacker the one who can extract mob_proto and pack it again becuze it sems that metin2 repacker is the only tool that can add monster/npc/metin to the clint so plz if some have link or way to have it .. commint below thank you
  11. try this coordinates to 307200 204800 and till me if it works
  12. okay i will try again thank you for the help
  13. yup i didnt find them but if i make them will it fix the broblem ? my problem is that when i do the 5 steep i sayed when i login the game crash
  14. hello guys i want so ask something , i want to install new mobs in metin but the wont work the game crash evry time when i try so i wana make sure iam doing right - when you add monster you have to 1 add his file in game / monster2 2 add his info in mobs_proto/ in local and root 3 add his id in /NPCLIST inside the root 4 add his mob_names/proto inside server side / in conf thats all right?? and pleas if some one know a video how or something .. make a commint thank
  15. LinG

    zodiac files

    oh thanks i found everything i need and more soo happy
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