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  1. Hi, is there any way to fix the grass in Metin2 ? Photo: https://imgur.com/a/eUCcLxs I see "through" grass, is not opaque, any solution ? Thanks.
  2. Hi, is there any way to disable an object collision ? (like stones, house, etc) Thanks.
  3. I have the World Editor Lens Flare, but that on the video is different, and I want that one
  4. Hi, Does anyone know how to make the Lens Flare to look like on this video ? (min 1:26) I'm trying for 5 days, and nothing. If I have an object on front of my Lens Flare, nothing happen. Thanks
  5. Hi, does Metin2 support to upgrade fully SpeedTree3 to SpeedTree4? Thanks.
  6. Hi, does anyone have the original SpeedTreeRT 2003 SDK from IDV ? Thanks.
  7. Hi, I have a problem with my mounts. I have Alpha channel on some of my mounts (wolf, lion), but doesn't work on the server. Any ideea ? Thanks.
  8. Do you know how to download the 2018 version ? I can't find anywhere that version..
  9. Hi, does anyone know how to export 3DS Max 2017 to Granny2 ? Does anyone have the plugin for 2017 ? Thanks. (or a download link to 3ds max 2018, I can't find anywhere)
  10. Does anyone have a link for 3DS Max 2018 ? I can't find that version anywhere
  11. Hi, What is the newest 3DSMax with .gr2 export ? Does anyone have plugins for newer versions of 3ds? (like 2014, 2017, 2018) Thanks.
  12. No, and I never seen somebody to have. Do you have any ideea ? I repeat, I want to have real-time trees, buildings, models shadows, not static from World Editor.
  13. Hi, anyone know how to change the wind speed on binary ? (SpeedTreeForest). If I change from m_fWindStrength; nothing is happening, and the wind is very powerful. If I change from fOldStrength and I put fOldStrength = m_fWindStrength/1.4f; the wind will be ok, but in 2 minutes, the animations will go in 10fps and continue to slow down..
  14. This is not my problem. I want to make shadows in real-time, like the NPC, Character or mobs shadows, from binary.
  15. Hi, is there any way to create objects shadows ? I want to create shadows for buildings, trees, etc, like the NPC, mobs and character shadow. Thanks.
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