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  1. Too much fantasy i guess, doesn't fit the original metin2 theme but still looks good if the project is a new school
  2. Make sure you do the sudden movement correctly otherwise it's not gonna work.
  3. Would be nice if you'd take a gif or a short video to show how this happens
  4. Nice one ! Have you noticed this combination on the warrior male https://gyazo.com/0b399bda7e4a6e2aa85c4d0f1618747e The dragon on the shoulder is right in the face which makes it look so stupid
  5. I think you're posting in the wrong section and you also has to show me your uitooltip.py
  6. def __GetAttributeColor(self, index, bonus, value, vnum): if value > 0: if index >= 5: if self.MAX_5_BONUS(bonus) and value == self.MAX_5_BONUS[bonus]: return self.SPECIAL_POSITIVE_COLOR_MAX5 else: return self.SPECIAL_POSITIVE_COLOR2 else: if vnum > 0 and MAX_7_BONUS(bonus) and value == MAX_7_BONUS[bonus]: return self.SPECIAL_POSITIVE_COLOR_MAX7 else: return self.SPECIAL_POSITIVE_COLOR elif value == 0: return self.NORMAL_COLOR else: return self.NEGATIVE_COLOR
  7. PeaceMaker

    Gameforge sucks

    Now that's a cocky move
  8. Yeah i did realize that, had to edit some of the main timers on quests to server timers instead and it seem to work just fine for now ( Im just testing the functionality on 2 -3 dungeons for now )
  9. That was just an example, even if i put say() before that wouldn't matter the select doesn't seem to work without a target or letter. and what i need this for is for dungeon rejoin, after getting disconnected you'd get a select option to either Rejoin or Abandon the dungeon you were in. As for now i made it with letter but i guess i'll make GUI for it if the select isn't an option. thought it could only be a problem on my server maybe ?
  10. I've looked again over your code and yes every calculation you did on CalculateDeadTime can be done client side. I know it would take more time to do that as you need to set the last time you traded or opened a shop then do the calculation ... But i just don't like using extra unnecessary packets that can be prevented.
  11. There is no need to extend the packet. You can simply do it in python ....
  12. Hello everyone, I've noticed that selection on login doesn't really work after you select the option you want Example : when login with pc.get_map_index() == MAP_INDEX begin if select("AAAAAA","BBBBBB") == 1 then notice("AAAAAA") else notice("BBBBBB") end end Does anyone know of any other working case for this situation. ( I just want to use LUA for now ) Thank you .
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