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  1. Great idea, but the execution is not the best ? What you could do instead is simply swap the order of of the pid in player_index when selecting the character.
  2. Make sure you do the sudden movement correctly otherwise it's not gonna work.
  3. Would be nice if you'd take a gif or a short video to show how this happens
  4. Nice one ! Have you noticed this combination on the warrior male https://gyazo.com/0b399bda7e4a6e2aa85c4d0f1618747e The dragon on the shoulder is right in the face which makes it look so stupid
  5. I think you're posting in the wrong section and you also has to show me your uitooltip.py
  6. def __GetAttributeColor(self, index, bonus, value, vnum): if value > 0: if index >= 5: if self.MAX_5_BONUS(bonus) and value == self.MAX_5_BONUS[bonus]: return self.SPECIAL_POSITIVE_COLOR_MAX5 else: return self.SPECIAL_POSITIVE_COLOR2 else: if vnum > 0 and MAX_7_BONUS(bonus) and value == MAX_7_BONUS[bonus]: return self.SPECIAL_POSITIVE_COLOR_MAX7 else: return self.SPECIAL_POSITIVE_COLOR elif value == 0: return self.NORMAL_COLOR else: return self.NEGATIVE_COLOR
  7. Now that's a cocky move
  8. Yeah i did realize that, had to edit some of the main timers on quests to server timers instead and it seem to work just fine for now ( Im just testing the functionality on 2 -3 dungeons for now )
  9. That was just an example, even if i put say() before that wouldn't matter the select doesn't seem to work without a target or letter. and what i need this for is for dungeon rejoin, after getting disconnected you'd get a select option to either Rejoin or Abandon the dungeon you were in. As for now i made it with letter but i guess i'll make GUI for it if the select isn't an option. thought it could only be a problem on my server maybe ?
  10. I've looked again over your code and yes every calculation you did on CalculateDeadTime can be done client side. I know it would take more time to do that as you need to set the last time you traded or opened a shop then do the calculation ... But i just don't like using extra unnecessary packets that can be prevented.
  11. There is no need to extend the packet. You can simply do it in python ....
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