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  1. Which ssh program do you use?
  2. Are u kidding me? stop talking idly. I am using a different database and the same problem persists. different sourcere do not have this problem. syser does not exist. all tables have default values. [Hidden Content]
  3. there is the problem.. I did not make any changes in the source code. I use it the way you put it here. video: [Hidden Content]
  4. When I first enter the game, the items in the character do not appear. Items come back after teleporting to a different location. what is the problem?
  5. worked, you're great
  6. item_proto ok but mob_proto not okey. i have this error when i using dump_proto.exe im using kraizy source, no changes were made
  7. MySQL / Navicat Public User: metin2_2014 Password: @METIN2! or the password you have chosen (dedicated server) MySQL / Navicat Local Users : root / metin2_2014 Password: @METIN2! I'm trying the same as written on the subject
  8. Syserr: IsUsableSkillMotion: OUT_OF_MOTION_VNUM: name=Metin1, motion=124/124 Video [Hidden Content]
  9. This upload does not exist @Mali61
  10. Shaman's skill is not working. Syserr: IsUsableSkillMotion: OUT_OF_MOTION_VNUM: name=Metin1, motion=124/124 Video: [Hidden Content]
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