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  1. I downloaded some models to make wings in 3dsmax. Everything is ok, in Granny i can see the model. When i convert it to .mde I can see it in the world editor too, but when I want to put it in the server it cannot be seen in .gr2 I write them well so maybe there are some other mistakes somewhere. Does anyone know it? Thanks!
  2. yes, I solved. I moved the pivot point and the original item_scale is good.
  3. I have some sashes/wings which are on the char's waste, not at the top of the back. When I wrote other positions in the item_scale it looked better, they was at the right place. But when i was running with the char the sash/wing slips right, left, and slipped in the character. Do you have an idea why? This is the wing after positioning in the item_scale and down there the original position with the original item_scale: https://imgur.com/a/PNXySsT
  4. Hello, I would like to know how to make animated (.mde) weapons. I already know that how to make a simple .mde/.mse. But how to make it moving? And how to make its own effect?



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