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  1. Hey guys! I need a help with a visual studio. Anyone send me a tutorial how to upgrade 2008 novaline client source to 2013 ? I really appreciate it if anyone help me with that! Thanks
  2. @xP3NG3Rx Can you release the new system options from GF? Shadow level change(árnyék állítás) please!! And other
  3. Clientside-Python: Here you have to do it by yourself. The new function of the m2net/net module are called by 3 files uiInventory.py uiDragonSoul.py uiShop.py It has a tutorial for this files? Because i don't want to change the files randomly. Please anybody help me
  4. Very beautiful system! Thank you so much. I love you so much for that interesting release laci! I think it is the best release of your collection.
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