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  1. Actually i just warped to the map and i noticed that if some player gets inside, game instantly kick back to the village. I checked coords, atlasinfo, added to map_allow on ch1, added to index... SysErr gives me only this : SYSERR: Nov 20 19:35:28 :: UpdateSectree: null sectree name: Indimyy 857299 851549 and then it teleports player back. So i can move in the map only if gm but i checked everything there are no scripts that prevent the teleport. I also opened it with WE and generated a new server_attr but i don't know if it's allright here. Maybe someone can help me
  2. Hi guys, my name is Luca I am 22years old and a great passion for Metin2. I came here to learn as much as possible about Metin2 as i'm developing my own server for hobby.
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