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  1. Hey everyone, I'm currently in the process of creating a new private server and just wanted to ask you what kind of project management tools you like to use? How do you organize your team and stay on top of things? As of right now, we use Discord, Notion and Github, although Discord e.g. stores all of the data on their US servers which isn't that cool. Each tool usually serves its own purpose, depending on what it is being used for. Cheers Hygg
  2. So are you mainly looking for specific storylines when choosing between servers to play? That's a really interesting way to look at it, as I always thought that the majority of players are unfortunately not that much into diving deeper into game stories. It seems they just simply want to play the game. Sorry for asking, I just didn't get the last part. What does Gameplay bis mean? I guess that if you want to alter the empire system, you really have to come up with new stories and maps. That's one requirement you just cannot skim over. Otherwise, yes, it won't work, as players will search for the familiar and if you just erase one empire without changing anything else, people will be confused and it will look like a broken game. For example, what if you create a new story where all of the events take place either before or after the original timeline? War changes people and environments, so it could certainly be possible that one empire got destroyed and people had to flee. That would be a perfect docking site to continue writing a new storyline. I have to agree with your opinion on map design, you definitely have a point there. Guess it wouldn't be that much of a problem if you keep most of the neutral maps and just change the spawn points maybe? Like if you decide for e.g. two empires. But isn't this still a problem that you see on bigger servers? That the majority of people tend to choose the blue empire, so the others are quite empty? As Gurgarath mentioned, it's like a loophole. You always want to go with the empire where most of the action is happening. You're right though, as it's definitely important to keep some balance in the game, especially with the number of people in each empire. I'm just really curious how it might be possible to make the gameplay more efficient and enjoyable again. Thanks for your insights, everyone! Keep the ideas coming, really appreciate it!
  3. Hey everyone, I was just thinking about the extent to which the number of the usual three realms still makes sense these days. There are certainly some of you who have been more or less active in the scene for more than a decade and have certainly been able to experience quite a few different server concepts over the years. It was always exciting to see servers with a single or just two empires. You would find these not only on newschool, but also oldschool servers. Fewer empires would certainly be advantageous in that the players would be found much more concentrated on a map and even with a low number of total players, one would have the feeling that there is life on the server. Most of the time an empire was empty because players always had a bias towards one of the empires. I also think that a different number of empires offers a lot more scope to be creative, as you could write a story in which you adapt your whole concept to e.g. two empires. Empire wars would still exist, if not with more action as you would find way more players on each side. However, even with just one single empire, there are still ways to shape PvP in such a way that you continue to maintain a competitive climate among the players. What do you think, how do you see it? Which arguments speak for or against it? Cheers Hygg
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