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  1. Hi, I uploaded the graphics to the client and I have a problem as below. Even when I only change the graphics files, the problem still exists. I've been playing at a friend's house and it works at his house, so the graphics are ok. I use old files. I'm putting the graphics in the attachment. Thanks https://mega.nz/file/sTpCTARA#bp_Au3tqVFP0OMc5TKH7dTyWzpgpDZwGu3JgrL-Si20 https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/5225a9205b9e64e2e973e9abbe61bf2aea1e1b53947f46c7857e0df926437ef5/detection
  2. Hi, i wanna downgrade directx9 to directx8. is there any tutorial?
  3. solved. Orc valley bugged maps...
  4. 45. I have problem with my own map what i created. Other map its works
  5. Syserr clear. Coordinates. 307200 204800
  6. I changed the map index, I changed the coordinates. It looks like the map has moved. This is not the case everywhere on the map.
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