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  1. thnx bro but how can i solve that error ?
  2. Sorry , but do u mean that any pet or mount that I want to hide I will have to put his Vnum in the blockID[] ?
  3. Hi guys , How can I hide the mount and pets on the minimap?
  4. Is this a private system? i think this system owned by metin2 the official version?
  5. hi devs i have a problem with this event [Hidden Content] after i selected the first card on play board i can't select any other card or even continue the game any help ?
  6. Hi i'm looking for that system , if any one have it [Hidden Content]
  7. I am looking for an expert developer to provide paid services Contact me via Discord B7aR#6320
  8. The problem has been resolved , Thanks to Vegas Edit: The problem was in uitaskbar.py, syntax problem, and bad location of function.
  9. Hi I installed " Metin2-Skill-CoolTime-Update-master " system The system works well, but when I die the skill unlock time is not renewed. But when I wake up I can open it again though This is the syserr 1029 16:57:51350 :: File "game.py", line 4041, in SkillClearCoolTime 1029 16:57:51351 :: File "interfaceModule.py", line 695, in SkillClearCoolTime 1029 16:57:51352 :: AttributeError 1029 16:57:51352 :: : 1029 16:57:51352 :: 'TaskBar' object has no attribute 'SkillClearCoolTime' 1029 16:57:51352 :: game.py [Hidden Content] interfaceModule.py [Hidden Content]
  10. Many attempts but I can't find a solution for now
  11. I have a problem with the acc system I added in the Character files in root and added in item " name & proto & list " and in acc.txt file in server There is no scale file in local But the scarf does not appear and does not accept Merge Should I do anything more? The gr2 file path i'm sure it's correct
  12. Hi guys I would like to make the acc accept only combination with acc of the same type How do I do it? in another meaning I'd like to have him accept the process like this and does not accept it like this You tried to do it through acce.txt in server side like taht section npc 20406 item 85016 1 item 85016 1 reward 85017 1 abs_chance_min 15 abs_chance_max 20 gold 9000000000 percent 60 end and like that section npc 20406 item 85016 2 reward 85017 1 abs_chance_min 15 abs_chance_max 20 gold 9000000000 percent 60 end didn't work any help ?
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