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  1. I fix it Problem was in src #fixed
  2. Hello, I have small problem. I have 6/7 bonus in game, but it was not in client item_proto and in server item_proto... So I add it, but when I want to add bonus, it do nothing. I was searching whole internet but nothing.... Is something wrong with SubType? Code for 6/7 in src I have, but still not working. Thanks for helping EDIT: Everything was in game... Even in Item_names... Everything is correct. Item working as should but when I want to add bonus, it does nothing.
  3. Hello Again! Today, I want to show you my new project Im currently working on. Whats all this about and what will this include? New more realistic shaders New HD textures for objects Terrain 4K textures Updated DirectX Of course it is lower FPS ingame, but not much as I expect. If you have Low PC, you can disable those settings. Ive tested it on low pc (4 cores, 2.66 GHz processor, 8 GB RAM and 1GB graphics card). There was FPS decrease to 40 FPS, but as I said, you can turn it off OR set which shaders you want or not.
  4. Dont know if youre talking about that village or forest But if about village then like I said.. Its 2 years old map and I used default textures by Ymir If you have on mind forest, then I choose textures what customer want Thanks anyway
  5. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Hello! I want to release with you my map which I created two years ago You can check my newest map design here (Not for Sale!): Rar include: Map Textureset WoM plants Objects used are original from ymir expect of WoM plants and bamboo Waterfall and water are not included! If you want those textures then request it and I will post it Video: Download: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/af5f18739342f9a06f9a4d46052d9c931a2425696e525f22775
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