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  1. you have to add |cff + hex color search google for Hex colors for example hex color for red is #FF0000 so to use it |cffFF0000 so it will be like: REFINE_SUCCESS_PROBALITY |cffFF0000Successrate: %d%%
  2. locale_game.txt search for: REFINE_SUCCESS_PROBALITY you can edit the color from there
  3. in ui.py in class RadioButton(Button): you have: def OnMouseOverIn(self): if self.overFunc: apply(self.overFunc, self.overArgs ) def OnMouseOverOut(self): if self.overOutFunc: apply(self.overOutFunc, self.overOutArgs ) def SetOverEvent(self, func, *args): self.overFunc = func self.overArgs = args def SetOverOutEvent(self, func, *args): self.overOutFunc = func self.overOutArgs = args move them to class Button(Window):
  4. class TitleBar in ui.py doesn't have def CloseButtonHide it's true that you have def CloseButtonHide in ui.py, but it's inside another class (class HorizontalBar) not the titlebar
  5. pkg install python27 didn't work too?
  6. compare this def with another one, I see some differences here def SetPrivateShopBuilderItem
  7. I think that problem is coming from uitoolip.py, can you show it?
  8. probably to be different (1 differs from 2 and etc) anyway, If I want to do something like that I would do it like this: quest randdrop begin state start begin when 11505.click begin local randitems = { -- {vnum, count} {27001, 1}, {27002, 1} } local rndnum = math.random(table.getn(randitems)) game.drop_item_with_ownership(randitems[rndnum][1], randitems[rndnum][2]) end end end
  9. Since you already (I guess) know how to add buttons you should create a function in c++ and use that function when someone click the button One of the ways is to make new command in c++ and use that command by net.SendChatPacket in Python in that button(but I don't recommend this way much, just giving an idea)
  10. Seems like you have some syntax errors (maybe you forgot a } or something like that)
  11. your problem is clear, "attempt to compare nil with number" if you can't solve just put the quest
  12. yes, and that's why I posted a fix
  13. Hey all, easy to fix but I'm releasing because I realized many of servers(and devs) have this problem problem description: when you enter decimal number in Won Exchange window (like 1.5) it will be exchanged for 150,000,000 but it will remove 1 won only so you got yang more than you should get. after checking some cheque systems (including WLsj24 ones) in quests they have check like: if ((amount < 1) or (amount >19) or (amount == nil)) then and it's true except that check from 1 to 19 includes decimal numbers too so if you write 1.5 it will be exchanged to 150,000,000 and only remove 1 Won so you should put a check for INT, you can modify it to be: if ((amount < 1) or (amount >19) or (amount == nil) or (math.floor(amount) ~= amount)) then (if the floor of amount is equal to amount so it's INT, otherwise it's not int) Best Regards.
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