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  1. locale_xx/ui/systemdialog.py if you want to remove a button you have to remove it from there, and remove it too from root/uisystem.py
  2. sorry, my mistake. go to database table player -> land there you can edit the price/level_limit.
  3. it comes from here: local price, owner, guild_level_limit = building.get_land_info(land_id) so it takes the price, level from ALUA(building_get_land_info) (game/questlua_building.cpp) check it, you should be able to change it from there
  4. I checked the code in that thread, actually it should work but since you'll add it in void CInputLogin::Entergame so it will be applied when you sign out and log in again so bonuses are applied.
  5. Leakers be like: good luck Vegas with your sales, you're one of the great metin2 devs.
  6. Just use command passwd I think Edit: I think you meant reset not changing, I missunderstood you anyway to reset see freebsd faq: https://www.freebsd.org/doc/en/books/faq/admin.html#idp49286264 but in virtualbox you don't have to write "boot -s" to enter single-user mode, you can just enter it by clicking the number beside "Single User Mode" to enter it
  7. about the coordinates, it should be able to be divided by 256
  8. you have to add |cff + hex color search google for Hex colors for example hex color for red is #FF0000 so to use it |cffFF0000 so it will be like: REFINE_SUCCESS_PROBALITY |cffFF0000Successrate: %d%%
  9. locale_game.txt search for: REFINE_SUCCESS_PROBALITY you can edit the color from there
  10. in ui.py in class RadioButton(Button): you have: def OnMouseOverIn(self): if self.overFunc: apply(self.overFunc, self.overArgs ) def OnMouseOverOut(self): if self.overOutFunc: apply(self.overOutFunc, self.overOutArgs ) def SetOverEvent(self, func, *args): self.overFunc = func self.overArgs = args def SetOverOutEvent(self, func, *args): self.overOutFunc = func self.overOutArgs = args move them to class Button(Window):
  11. class TitleBar in ui.py doesn't have def CloseButtonHide it's true that you have def CloseButtonHide in ui.py, but it's inside another class (class HorizontalBar) not the titlebar
  12. pkg install python27 didn't work too?
  13. compare this def with another one, I see some differences here def SetPrivateShopBuilderItem
  14. I think that problem is coming from uitoolip.py, can you show it?
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