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  1. Good evening, After installing the system with no errors with the sources, my weapon suit is correctly equipped in the correct slot. Before coming posted a message I checked the positions in gametype.h, item_length.h and ProtoReader.cpp and even dump_proto everything is the same. https://gyazo.com/a2cad526c1ee125f9ce0d36e9d7694ad Thank you so much
  2. Hello, I have problem when I want to switch my client sources in 2019. The error is coming from Fox FS someone would have the correction? Thank you
  3. FR : EN : PS : Sorry if the translation is wrong google translate ..
  4. No need to contact me anymore, I found what I was looking for! Thank you Plus besoin de me contacter j'ai trouvé ce que je recherché ! Merci
  5. EN : Hello, I am currently looking for a server to purchase. It goes without saying that it must be clean and 100% functional. Contact me on discord only with description + server price. Not serious refrain. Discord : Anubis#0097 FR : Bonjour, Je suis actuellement à la recherche d'un serveur à acheter. Il va de soit qu'il devra être propre et 100% fonctionnel. Me contacter sur discord uniquement avec déscriptif + prix du serveur. Pas sérieux s'abstenir. Discord : Anubis#0097 Thank's you // Merci à vous



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